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The Lives of the Bound (Spring 2007)

Helen Rogerson; August - September 2007


Helen Rogerson; August 27, 2007

Personal Action:

After the whole Isle of Wight fiasco, Helen's going to keep her promise to Rachel and take her on a small holiday. Helen's going to choose to stay near the small town of East Hampton at East Hampton Point.

While there, Helen will do her damnest to try and ease Rachel's need to be attached to her, while at the same time, trying to avoid encouraging Rachel's romantic approaches. If Rachel keeps on pushing the issue, Helen will very gently try to explain to Rachel that while Helen is fond of her, it wouldn't work out between the two of them, that no, it isn't Brian, so leave him be, he only works for Helen, and that Helen is very sorry to have to tell Rachel this because it isn't fair for Rachel.

Influence Response:

Whatever happens on the Isle of Wight apparently stays there. After Auberon/Sam/Kaya/you deal with whatever it is that may or may not need to be dealt with, you decide to take a vacation from your vacation and take a real English holiday - that is to say one in New England far away from the mess of murder, wassail and mayhem that seems to clutter pastoral Great Britain.

Rachel adores her time with you, and manages to drag you out for an obligatory moonlit walk along Georgica beach. She spends a fair amount of her time shopping, drinking, eating overpriced french-named foods and gossiping about any number of celebrities that are supposed to live in or frequent the area.

Her romantic ardor for you doesn't seem to wane, in spite of your noted lack of reciprocation. The blood bond addled synapses of her brain don't seem to make the connection that your unwillingness to call the relationship between her and you anything aside from "employment" combined with your utter disinterest in hot lesbian sex might just be indicative that you are not, in fact, a couple.

Toward the end of the getaway, you calmly and rationally explain to Rachel where she stands. With all your Social Attributes, Etiquette, and arts of Presence at your disposal, she seems to take it pretty well. She even seems a little nonchalant about the whole explanation - and reacts with a decidedly unemotional half smile and sigh.

She apologizes for acting foolish and tells you it shouldn't be a problem with Brian.

You feel a little awkward about the whole thing. You notice Rachel seems very very tired the next night.

ST Notes: Rachel is not okay. She's not going to stop loving Helen, and she's gotten the impression (finally) that it's not Brian Vale she needs to turn her ire toward. As such, her alcoholism and mood issues are going to get more problematic. Right now she's trying to be as discreet as possible about it - and is going to great lengths to not make Helen worry.


Helen Rogerson; September 10, 2007

Personal Action:

After sorting out the surveillance issue, she's going to ask Vale if he wants anything from her, because she really does not want to play favorites, and she feels that he deserves something for his work for her. She will also ask if Rachel has been okay, as Rachel tends to hide how she is feeling around Helen when she is not doing well. Helen will explain to Vale what happened, so he knows what is going on and that she did not intend for the outing to turn into something so terrible for Rachel.

Influence Response:

Brian, who always seems a little distant anyhow, sighs and takes off his glasses when you bring up Rachel. He mentions that she's been very quiet lately and seems a bit reclusive. He sounds really worried and laughs a little sorrowfully when he mentions how she actually apologized to him a while back.

He mentions that there's been a conspicuous lack of liquor bottles in the garbage for the past month or so. He looks a little thoughtful before he adds "It's probably because she's started hiding them. She's really not okay."

"You see... Rachel doesn't understand how everything works yet. It... I..." He smiles sadly as if remembering something. "It takes a while."

He looks at you very genuinely.

"Honestly Helen, she'll be better if she knows how everything is. That's what it really took for me. I sometimes get the impression she's... less informed?"

"And as for what you can do for me, you can stop worrying so much."

His smile seems much happier this time for some reason.

"I understand my place in the world... I think, and I don't need much aside from that. Honestly Helen, you're one of the best employers I've had."

He winks.

"It's an exciting sort of life all things considered. I can't deny that. Probably will kill me in the end."


Helen Rogerson; September 11, 2007

Personal Action:

Helen will tell Vale that she would prefer not to have the videos deleted. It might result in losing something important. If it is very obvious that there is nothing in the video though, there will be no need to keep it. She'll then tell him that any records that are older than a month will be moved from the building, but that won't be his job.

She will also take his advice about explaining to Rachel how everything is. Helen will sit Rachel down in Helen's apartment, and explain to Rachel what she knows about how ghouling works, what blood bonding is, that Helen has done this because the special abilities given through ghouling are important and help the person that is employed. Helen's going to apologize for not being upfront with Rachel to begin with, and tell her that if she needs time to deal with everything, to please feel free to take it. Helen will also gently ask Rachel to take care of herself, because she doesn't want Rachel to end up otherwise because of all of this.

Influence Response:

Brain gives you the 10-4 on not deleting video footage and proceeds to not delete any.The second conversation with Rachel is a bit tense, and she does a lot of silent nodding as you lay out all the details of her condition. She starts to tear up a bit as you explain what a blood bond is, and seems about to say something for a moment, but doesn't.

A torrent of questions eventually come out, as she asks why she was chosen, what will happen to her if you ever leave and why Brian seems so different than her. How he doesn't seem to be love you with you the same way she is. She DOES say she loves you, for that matter, and seems adamant about it even as you reveal it's artificial.

You explain as best you can that you chose her because she seemed to be intelligent, talented and good at what she does, that nothing should happen to you anytime soon, and that if something did, you have associates that will see she doesn't come to harm (You think bitterly on Wes Jackson for a moment). You also explain that you DO care for her and that you don't want her or Brian to be unhappy.

You also explain that Brian's been around longer; that he's adjusted to things.

Rachel takes everything in, and tries to compose herself as best she can. She says she'll take your offer for a few weeks off.

She doesn't seem overly changed for the worse at least the next several times you see her, and that's a small relief. You let her alone as best as you can.

Comments: (Not seen by Player)

ST Notes: Rachel's going to need some time to digest this. She just got the Merit Aware of False Love. Overall it will be good for her.


Helen Rogerson; September 11, 2007

Helen's going to sit down with Wes Jackson to discuss what can be done with him. She's going to explain to him what happened to West, and will answer what questions she can for him. She will then explain to him the position that he is in, that what he knows makes him a potential liability, but that she does not want to see him killed or otherwise harmed because of his relation with West. She will offer to try and erase what she can from his memory, and asks if he would be willing to enter an institution to help him out with the rest of his problems. He will be allowed to decide which institution he will go to, she will pay for it, but he will not be able to check out unless she or those that she trusts feel as though he can leave. If he is unhappy with the place he chooses, he can change it. She will explain to him that she would rather work with him, rather than forcing him into a situation. She will be sympathetic with him, but straight-forward in how she treats the matter. If he is willing, Helen will do what she can for him.

Influence Response:

Brian Vale takes you to where he's been housing Wes Jackson. He's apparently been keeping close tabs on him since February, slightly worried he might bolt or attempt suicide.

Jackson's a depressive mess of a man. You find him disheveled and slumped on the floor with three or so days stubble on his face. From the looks of the scene, he appears to have passed out sometime earlier in the evening, drinking tequila and playing solitaire.

The apartment is almost bare save for Jackson. You and Vale find an expired carton of orange juice in the fridge and a dufflebag full of personal possessions that haven't been unpacked, but little else. Vale excuses himself and asks if you'll give him half an hour or so to get Wes into presentable shape. You nod and agree to meet him in the lobby.

A shower, a shave and a few cups of coffee later, Wes manages to present himself before you with vague cognizance. He looks thinner than when you last saw him and a bit worn. His face has a hollow quality to it.

Vale leaves the two of you alone together and you start to talk. Jackson is silent for most of the conversation, occasionally nodding and not offering much input unless you ask him a direct question. The only time he emotes much is when you reveal that West is dead.

He seems to crumple a bit then, and you get a look that seems a mixture of dread, sadness and relief. He doesn't cry.

He doesn't talk much for the rest of the encounter - and seems to be largely oblivious to your talk of mind erasure and hospitalization.

He asks when it's all over that you don't take more of his mind from him then you need to. His memories are the only thing he has left now aside from that orange juice. You do your best to leave in large chunks of his memory, removing only the details of Camarilla officers, Elysium's location and other sensitive information.

He says he doesn't care where you put him, and you make arrangements for him to be housed at the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens.

You can't really tell if the whole process does him much good, but you're pretty certain he won't be causing trouble anytime soon. The last time you see him, he's been moved to an institutional grey hospital room not much different from his old apartment. He's playing solitaire again. He barely regards you as you stop by to check in.

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