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Your Place in the Basement is Ready

Diego; August 8, 2007

Personal Action:

Diego's summer actions will revolve mostly around assuming his new identity, the friendly, Southern wanderer, Lee Samuel Johnson.

Shortly after the final game, Diego will leave NYC. He will procure two illegal immigrants, picked up separately, using the methods described in my 2007-05-11 Actions. Each will be packaged as described in the previous Action and stored in duffel bags or large coolers. Diego will use a prepaid cell phone to call the family farm and arrange a rendezvous with a couple of family members in a light-proofed vehicle. The rendezvous point will be about half a night's drive from NYC. The family members will be revenants, young enough to drive cars and understand modern traffic laws, but old enough to act responsibly.

The night of the rendezvous, Diego will steal a reliable car, which looks like it has been parked for the night, pack it with his Mexicans, and drive to meet his cousins. He will then transfer the Mexicans to the light-proofed vehicle and be a passenger on the way back to the farm. Diego will use Light Sleeper to remain conscious as much as possible. Google maps says the trip from NYC to southwestern South Dakota takes about 1 day, 2 hours. Allowing for avoidance of unfriendly areas, the trip should not take more than 2 days. With the revenants driving and sleeping in shifts, they should be able to travel almost without stopping.

Once back at the farm, Diego will begin to practice his new persona and will attempt to get in touch with his sire, Piotr Bratovitch. Diego will discuss matters with his sire, including the state of the Sabbat in NYC (absent or weak), everything he has learned while in the city (NYC requires different camouflage than Mexico City, Diego needs to take on a different sheep skin to continue acting as an agent for the Sabbat), Diego's ambitions (gather information on the Camarilla, catch notice of the Black Hand), and Diego's plans for an identity shift (Lee Samuel Johnson) and a new sheepskin (a competent revenant who understands the mortal world and acts as a buffer for Diego). I'd like to run a scene for that. If Diego procures the revenant, I'll have a set of summer actions for that, which will be relatively minmal.

Influence Response:

(Hunting Dice applied) You manage to mutilate and grotesquely kill the first man who agrees to come your way for an odd job, and do so quite neatly. The second man, however, gives you a bit more trouble. Perhaps it was that the temporary haven lets in too much moisture, leaving the tarps slick and hard to maneuver on. Perhaps it was that your Beast began to creep up on you earlier than you wanted him and left your timing off. Perhaps it was just that you're not on the ball that night.

In any event, you fail to grapple the man quickly enough and slip slightly as he bolts for the door. He runs off, and you check yourself before pursuing - not wanting to draw attention to yourself. He hasn't seen you attempt Horrid Form. He doesn't know what you were trying to do, and you're fairly certain he's unlikely to contact the police - unless by some fluke he happens to be a legal immigrant, or the situation proves such that he's willing to risk deportation to report you.

You manage to fill your supplies out with the leftovers of one of the men from your actions before.

You clear out of the haven as quickly as possible, taking time to wash down the blood, and take out the tarp. While you don't have Science (Forensics), you decide it's prudent to remove as much of the "special dirt" from the area as possible, given Alpha's interest in you.

(Random luck dice applied) You manage to steal a Ford Freestar minivan with no hitches whatsoever, and are now fully in possession of it, several New York road maps, an i-Pod nano, the remnants of a Happy-meal complete with toy, several bits of detritus, an ice chipper and half a Diet Coke. You light-proof it as best you can given the time, and wisely decide to request a body bag be brought out for you, just in case your work isn't up to par.

You then call your family, who reacts to you with a fair amount of respectful cowering and horror and agrees that cousins Alojzy and Jacek will come to pick you up in a few days.

They arrive at the rendezvous point at the specified time. Jacek kneels, greets you firmly but with due reverence and asks what sort of route you wish to take back to South Dakota, and if you have an reason to suspect danger. Alojzy seems to get uncomfortable at this and lowers his gaze, refusing to make eye contact with you. He doesn't speak to you once during the trip.

While neither revenant is anything less than respectful around you, and doesn't dare to make colloquial chit-chat in your waking presence, you get an odd sense of their dynamic off and on as you find yourself waking several times over the course of the trip due to sudden stops, changes in background noise and other stimuli. While most of the time one of them is asleep, you occasionally catch them both in conversation.

Jacek is obviously the more aggressive of the two and has ambitions to receive the Embrace for himself some day. He tends to bully Alojzy, and you're pretty certain he strikes him several times over the course of the trip. He boasts at one point that Jagoda is pregnant and he thinks it will be a boy.

Alojzy listens to his brother's blustering with a calm demeanor for the most part, and only softly chimes in now and again to point something out to him - like how the birds overhead have changed course, or how the wind has slowed down. Jacek usually responds to these observations with gruff dismissal and a blow to the face from what you can tell.

What strikes you as oddest about Alojzy, however, is that when you awaken and stop to feed he watches you with rapt and unwavering attention. You get the sense that he is almost as hungry for the human meat as you are.

After a long journey you eventually come back on your family farm without incident. Halyna and Maria ignore you for the most part and keep a "respectful" distance (You expect the harpies are gossiping fiercely behind your back, bitches.), although both your father and strangely enough your son "second cousin" seem proud, if not exactly happy to have you present. Young Jozef has become quite adept in animal training, and (at Czeslawa's prompting) offers to show you his hounds. You are quite pleased with what you see. The beasts your son has reared are at least the size of a cow.

You try to get in contact with Piotr, but this takes at least a month or more given his general invisibility. You take time to practice your new persona and look and get updates on the family. Agata tells you coldly of cousins who have been born, and of cousins who have had to be killed. You realize that you haven't heard of some of them before.

When Piotyr does get back in touch with you, he seems annoyed with something on which he will not speak and grows increasingly incensed at your reports of New York - berating you and your pack frequently and calling you all little better help to Caine's legacy than brood of ghouled fungus. "Obviously having the blood of Caine in your veins does not guarantee possessing his will, kretyn!

He tells you he will be at your farm shortly, and to tell little Jozef that he has a present for him.

He visits to the farm with a package in tow, and roughly grunts something in Polish to Czeslawa. ("Ty se lepiej ju? miejsce w piwnicy po?ciel, Cipa.").

You, Jozef and Ches are led to a dark storm basement where the package is opened, and a disheveled male Cainite, staked and with it's four limbs severed, is lain on the ground. Jozef is instructed by Piotr to heat a pint of pig's blood until it is near boiling and poor it down the man's throat. Piotr then removes the stake and the Cainite revives slightly, screaming as he does. Piotr asks him in Spanish if he's heard the myth of Prometheus.

Over the next week, you see how well Jozef's hellhounds are fed first hand. On the seventh day the man is destroyed.

Once Piotr gets down to business, he calms considerably and berates you much less than before. He occasionally hints that his frustrations with New York might well be the fault of the whole Polonia mess and that he has a grudging respect for Layla. (Scene to follow)

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