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The Wand of Gamiginellus

Auberon Xerices; August 20, 2007


Get a wand. A real, honest to God powerful wand. Something more than the Frivolous Effect wand. I'm talking something magical with a cool drawback like (but not exactly) the half-retarded hat that Jones wore. That's all.

Influence Response:

The Scions of the Mystic Sigil spend the majority of the summer studying the O Antigo Livro de São Cipriano (The famous Portugeuse book on wand-crafting) and trying to find everything they can find about such artifacts of power, including the best materials to use in their manufacture and the correct times at which to make them.

On August 28th, you are awoken early in the evening by a phone call, and are told to meet with the Scions as soon as possible. You are hurriedly told that they have come upon a rare opportunity which they thought you would not have wanted to pass up.

You are told by one of the higher ranking cult members (after a car picks you up from the True Friending circle nearest Jorge) that after careful study of the Lesser Key of Solomon and several of the more archaic Solomanic texts that are circulating the underbelly of the NYC occult circles, they believe that they can successfully complete a ritual this night to bind one of the legionnaires of the seventy-two spirits in the Arte Goetica permanently to the wand they have been preparing.

The creature in question is known as Gamiginellus of the first legion of Samigina, known to be fourth of the seventy-two to be bound. You hear he's fairly good natured comparatively as demonic emissaries go, but that he might be a little grumpy tonight, seeing as they currently have him bound in a triangular seal of salt and bone dust and he's rather anxious to get out. You are informed that he will either need to be bound permanently or released by the exact time of the lunar full moon (which is at 10:35 PM that evening), lest something *unsavory* occur.

Apparently, however, you'll need to agree to fulfill some sort of pact to the spirit in order to gain its acquiescence to enter the wand. You agree to such terms, and are hastily be-robed in the best occulty robes available and handed a finely polished oak wood rod, no thicker than your finger and plugged with a central core of alchemical silver. The rod is overlaid with a series of silver sigils and runes relating the concepts of fate, spirit, knowledge and oddly enough... horses.

You are dragged to scrying chamber in Greenwich by 10:09, to see that there is in fact a triangle of salt and runes on the floor before you are hastily chained above it. Looking in the back mirrors of the room, you are startled to see a reflection of a black foal reflected in each on them, looking at you sternly with wide pupiless eyes. The wand is placed over your heart.

You don't have much time to ask questions before your followers hastilly begin chanting something that you place as a mixture of Hebrew, Coigne Greek and Latin. One of your high ranking apprentices lifts his sigil aloft at the climax of the hymn and two of the mirrors shatter violently. Your vision fades to black as you see the leader of the ceremony standing next to a pale blonde boy no more than twelve years of age, who's eyes have the same pupiless gaze as the horse seen prior. You can smell a heady rush of frankincense around you as you feel your neck go numb and your unmoving heart begin to beat thrice before lurching to a stop again. You pass out momentarily.

When you come to, you find yourself unchained, and three of your followers sweeping up the mess of salt and broken glass with a janitors broom. One of them hands you a towel and presses it to your neck. He looks very upset as he apologizes over twenty some times for making the decision to continue the ritual without you. He smiles slightly though as he indicates that it seems to have been a success.

Looking in one of the mirrors you find that your neck has been branded with the seal of Samigina. It's toward the back, and not particularly noticeable, but you soon learn it's apparently permanent until the wand is broken. Such was the pact of Gamiginellus. The wand now feels slightly warm to the touch.

You are given a scroll with instructions by which you may charm the spirit within your wand to perform any one of these actions in an evening:

  • By pointing the wand at any individual and speaking the incantation "Apella nomen mortis" you will gain distant insight into how they are most likely to die given the current situation.

  • By making the sigil of Samigina in the air with your wand and speaking the incantation "Gamiginelle, doce mihifatum," you may summon forth the airy form of a non-embodied spirit who will give you thirteen words of honest and pertinent advice to your situation.

The Scions responsible for the ritual remain appropriately cringy until you express your pleasure or displeasure at them.

OOC: Mechanically you are permanently down one health level until you break the wand. If you like, you may use Gamiginellus' pact as an IC explanation as to why your Thaumaturgy has changed around.

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