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Jones Goes to Vienna

Adam Jones; January 9, 2007


Vienna stuff: I give the Pontifex who arranged my stay in Vienna the claw supposedly from a lesser demon (obtained in an action submitted Nov. 29). I distribute some of my mummified animal bits to the Regent who was delegated to oversee my arrangements (if applicable). If the Pontifex is indeed Owain, then I leave a note with his secretary at some point (after last game) that Regent Montgomery sends his regards.

I politely make inquiries, looking for people who are knowledgeable about things like Boo. Specifically, I am looking for something that would allow me to capture such creatures reliably (preferable), destroy them, or prevent them from tracking me. Obviously, I am only concerned with relatively weak spirits, but something good against stronger spirits would be good as well. I use some mummified animal bits to facilitate my efforts. If necessary, I'll start using my ritual woods (assorted). In addition, I am looking for someone who might be able to help deal with a malicious astral entity that was formerly a vampire. Again, I'll work through the mummy bits and woods as needed in order to meet people (I'm obviously not trying to get in touch with anyone higher than a Regent in this - and in that case I am expecting them to tell one of their apprentices to do it. I am not trying to poach apprentices).

In order to pay for assistance in dealing with these problems, I have the following to trade:

  • A pint of lupine blood

  • The mummified tongue of a were-serpent

  • A small collection of Incan Infernalist tomes

  • A scroll detailing the ritual Blood Phylactory

  • Ritual components for Blood Phylactory (one complete set, one partial set)

  • An unidentified artifact known as 'Grendel's Arm' (time permitting, I will take a look at it before putting it on the market, so to speak)

  • A copy of a set of notes on Setite Sorcery (Road of Set's Wisdom)

  • A copy of Jones' notes on following a wraith into the Shadowlands (Hey, they probably already have something like it, but its possible some apprentice doesn't. Jones will suggest as such when making his offers - this offer is obviously a long-shot.)

  • Monas Hieroglyphica

  • a COPY of the hand-written notes accompanying Monas Hieroglyphica

  • Zohar

  • The chakra crystals

  • Future use of occult resources

In addition, I inquire about obtaining an item (a telescope, perhaps) that filters out unnatural light and would allow its user to view the stars properly from within a city. In this case, I want a quote on price before I commit to buy.

I take my forced confinement to meditate, explore the Vienna libraries a bit and study briefly the tomes I may have to let go of. I am EXTREMELY polite, even to apprentices. (They almost certainly see me as a provincial hick and I know it). I wear formal robes whenever doing so would not cause problems and am otherwise on my best behavior.

I head back to New York the Thursday after game to take out Natalie, meet the police and talk to my influences. Sunday or Monday, I head back to Vienna. Me and Haldor are intending to return Thursday or Friday of game (to take advantage of the time shift).

Influence Response:

Pontifex Owain is not terribly pleased to see you but is politely thankful for the gift of the lesser demon's claw. He informs you that Regent Eva Stromberg will be handling your arrangements in the city and makes a courteous, but not terribly interested inquiry as to how Regent Montgomery is faring.

You make polite inquiries as to your situation with "Boo" and are told to consult somebody versed in the Path of Spirit Manipulation or at least somebody familiar with the umbral realms. From your description of the spirit, you are told by a local Spirit's scholar Eric von Loftgren that an Apprentice can be sent to New York to handle the matter for a Minor Boon, a small sample of the Lupine blood, and the notes regarding Setite Sorcery.

As for the "malicious Astral ex-vampire" most folks in Vienna seem incredulous. Such a thing has never to their knowledge been reported before. Several refuse to believe you, and as you don't have Psychic Projection yourself many seem unwilling to believe that you are fully aware as to how the Astral Plane might even begin to function. Nevertheless, word still spreads through Vienna, and you manage to get a few subtle inquiries regarding precisely how difficult you think this thing might be to capture. Eric von Loftgren inquires casually, but indicates that his Apprentice (who's name is Grey Thornberry, by the way) will in NO WAY be dealing with this alleged creature.

You look into the telescope idea and are asked by a local ghoul artisan to grant his Regnant a Major Boon in exchange for enchanting a custom made telescope piece. He can, however, also get you an Enchanted Star Chart that will give you accurate readings on stellar positions even when the stars are not visible, as he apparently knows where to get one off hand.

In the meantime you are extremely polite to all people involved (who do in fact look upon you with slight urbane distaste) and manage to come off as inoffensive. You take time to relax your mind and meditate, but occasionally pleasant images of Emmanuel James Richardson being bludgeoned by large objects interrupts your reverie.

You look in the libraries and you find much to your interest that the recent appearance of the Scismatic Assamites into the Camarilla has caused an influx of texts on Assamite magical traditions to fall into Tremere hands. They are very popular and it has in fact become somewhat trendy to look more these days into research regarding alternative forms of Blood Magic (possibly why your notes on Setite Sorcery attracted attention).

You return as planned, court Natalie, whisk back, and return again.

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