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A Legacy Reclaimed

Jamal Assara; January - March, 2007


Jamal Assara; January 23, 2007


This is a fairly big one, but here goes:

Jamal will be leaving on Jan 31 for Vienna, and plans to return on Feb 5. He will bring with him copies of documents he inherited from his "grandfather" (himself about 60 years ago) von Mueller, as well as the legal name change of his "father" (also himself) due to the post-war discrimination against Germans. The purpose of this trip is to determine who if anyone owns of my family's manor in Modling, and assess its condition, including whether the building still stands.

Assuming that owner is a mortal or mortal organization, Jamal will 'persuade' (Dominate if necessary) them to sell to an heir to the family, this sale to be finalized in June, with a reasonable price tag associated with it (Given Jamal family's history as a member of the lower nobility, I think somewhere around $10 million would be around the right mark for the cost of purchase and repairs or rebuilding).

This is also the IC explanation of why I won't be at next game.

Influence Response:

Jamal finds the flight to Vienna and drive out to Mödling comfortable and uneventful, a far cry from the hectic and uncertain pace in New York. Though he can hardly be considered an ancillae by the Camarilla's reckoning, seeing so much history around him, both that of his forebears and his own mortal life, makes the trip seem all the more meaningful. On the initial drive into Mödling, the taxi inadvertantly passes by the cemetary where his father and older brother were interred, stirring feelings that should have died with Franz von Mueller. The manor has been purchased by one Klaus Mueller, an architect deeply involved with the Deutsche Bergenvereinigung (German Castles Association). He currently lives in Vienna, but Jamal is able to find his phone number and leave a message with him about purchasing the manor. His reply comes several hours later, indicating that he would be interested in meeting with Jamal, though his voice expresses some mild reticence.

Jamal and Klaus meet for a late dinner at the restaurant in the Babenburgerhof Hotel, where Jamal is staying during his trip. After initially breaking the ice with his concerns over someone with the name "Jamal Assara" claiming to be a Baron of Mödling, Klaus and Jamal immediately hit it off.

Over the course of the evening, Jamal learns that Klaus would be more than happy to sell him the manor, which has had some maintenance, though funds weren't sufficient to do any real renovating, and that Klaus and Jamal don't have any real family ties, despite being Muellers. Klaus seems very interested in lending his professional expertise as an architect or his standing with the DBV to help restore the manor and return it to its rightful owners. Otherwise the conversation mostly drifts around the topics of various historical architectures and the tragic destruction of Rome's architectural legacy by acid rain.

The sale will be able to go through as early as March, and with his generous application of moneys, Jamal will be able to see his ancestral home returned to the understated, but grand beauty of yesteryear. Unfortunately, just due to the costs of getting the proper woods and other materials, the overall cost of buying and restoring the manor remains about where Jamal estimated, despite the good deal Klaus gladly cuts him.


Jamal Assara; March 1, 2007


Arrange a mortgage for the new Vienna property (purchase previously arranged, see personal action for 2/2/07), putting down the first 2 million Euro, borrowing for the remaining 5.5 million or so. The actual purchase will be finalized on 5/1/07, in Vienna.

Influence Response:

Everything goes smooth as silk with your mortgaging, even considering the sizable monies being thrown around for this. Klaus leaves you a message a few days after everything goes through.

"Well, it seems I've missed you. I just wanted to call to say that I've arranged everything with the Bergenvereinigung, so there shouldn't be any troubles there. After all, there's usually some hoops to jump through with historic sites, but your circumstances are such that we are more than happy to help. I do hope we'll have more opportunities to speak again after we finish with the business at hand. It would be my joy to see your manor restored to its full beauty again."

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