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Beware the Master's Thwart'd Desire

Kaya Miakoda | Sam McCoy; October 7-22, 2007


Samuel McCoy; October 7, 2007


Make 5 blood pennies.

Purchase this.

In response to the woogity feelings around the house, aggressively use Auspex when they are present. Start with Auspex 1 and 2 to look around and try to spot them. If that fails, drop into Astral and try again. Attempt to pierce any Obfuscate. If the perpetrator is spotted, fire all brains!

Contact Apprentice Caligostro in Chicago (by phone preferably). "Good evening, Magus Caligostro. This is Seneschal Samuel McCoy of New York City, and Apprentice of the fifth circle. I have been looking into the death of Darren West, and I wondered if you could answer a few questions. On February 4th you found him at the Succubus Club. Who else was there? Did you take him back to the hotel?

About the hotel. Does it have security cameras in the lobby and the hallways? Did anybody get those tapes?

Do you know if Nicolai used that hotel frequently?

Aside from yourself and Nicolai, to your knowledge who knew where West was staying?

Thanks for your help."

Influence Response:

You invoke the ritual Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion five times. It's success will be dependent upon ritual chops you throw at game.

You pay $16,000 for a very shiny piece of compressed carbon.

Aggressive use of Auspex shows you very little a first, although with enough attempts you begin to be able to discern faint and wispy shifts in the periphery that never quite coalesce into auras proper.

A further investigation of the phenomenon proves... disconcerting. Psychic Projection, does in fact reveal something looking over your house.

For the briefest moment, as you stumble onto the plane of ideals, you behold a strange figure made of swirling rings within rings, somewhat like a gyroscope. The surface of each ring bears a myriad of fleshy blinking and unblinking eyes and seems to have the texture of green polished stone underneath. In the center of the mass of circles is a slow burning flame which echoes a strange and terrible song as it flickers.

In the few seconds it takes to register this thing's existence, its eyes all gaze toward you and then close at once. As they do so, the construct shatters into a series of swimming eyes and disperses swarm-like, before it fades from view.

If you are adamant on making attempts to commune with this being's mind before it fades, you may do so, however, you may be traits down, given the circumstances.

Whatever happens, you end up rather shaken by the time you leave your voice mail for Caligostro.

ST Notes: Down one Will, five blood. The creature in question is a servitor of Phenex (Phenex is a great marquesse, appearing like the bird Phoenix, having a child's voice: but before he standeth still before the conjuror, he singeth manie sweet notes. Then the exorcist with his companions must beware he give no eare to the melodie, but must by and by bid him put on humane shape; then will he speake marvellouslie of all woonderfull sciences. He is an excellent poet, and obedient, he hopeth to returne to the seventh throne after a thousand two hundreth yeares, and governeth twentie legions) and is counted amongst the astral spirits/angelic orders of the Ophanim (or third order of angels). This little fellow is totally a very expensive Retainer on Ferguson's sheet.


Samuel McCoy; October 8, 2007


Definitely follow through on the plan and attempt telepathy on the weird gyroscope thing. I'll use all retests.

If Telepathy fails, try Aura Perception (if there's time) with the question: "What creature type are you?" For that I'd retest Investigation, but not Will.

Influence Response:

You Telepathy the construct successfully (and it's very hard to do so). You find that all of it's thought patterns seem to be in discordant, nonsensical rhyme.

You can glean very little before it dissipates and telepathic contact blinks out. What you get however, is the following:

"By chant of this Aeolian fire/Beware the Master's thwart'd desire./It sees! It sees! The man it sees./A thousand from twelve-hundred leaves us ten/Man's longing proves mankind's disease/Into darkness and fire resolve us then."

You try to focus as best you can on it, in spite of it's over-cryptic thoughts. A brief attempt to find out in this short span of time, how precisely it knows your location (as you've mentioned this to be most important to you) gives you this:

"All things good and ungood are/After Ophan all things live and err/Truck and traffic and beast and star/Behind our eyes by God's eyes are"

You get the distinct impression that you're not going to get anything approximating a straight answer as to whatever the hell that was without brushing up on a lot of much neglected occult study.

You briefly wonder if Kaya has somehow leaked sempre into the water-supply.

ST Notes: Phenex's minion is under the impression that service to Ferguson might eventually allow it's master to return heavenward, or at least subtract some of the 1,200 years.


Kaya Miakoda; October 22, 2007


McCoy seems to have asked Kaya to go and spy on his Sire for him. So Kaya is going to do so. She has at least one will and she Will use it to project astrally. Sam told her where his sire is, described him to her and all of that so she will go to Louisville to find the man. She'll use an extreme amount of caution and any abilities that will help her to determine if there are traps in place to discover astral creatures such as herself. She's just trying to spy on him to learn anything pertinent, especially to whatever has been spying on them. I will reiterate though she will be cautious and if things seem dangerous she'll leave.

Influence Response:

You move to the astral plane and (as best you can), follow Sam McCoy's instructions to find Ferguson's address. You're uncanny memory, combined with Sam's ability to Telepathically indicate the address visually does a lot to help.

The building in question is a now-defunct local history museum, built in a fairly monumental neo-Greco-Roman style. Sam tells you to check in the basement. Looking there, you find that through a series of locked and covert doors lies a very comfortable little nook. The place is cleanly furnished with simple but elegant furniture and is comprised of three rooms:

  • A sleeping chamber, wherein you find a comfortable looking bed, a small wardrobe, and a number of carved masks hanging on the wall. Some of the masks are clearly African in origin, and remind you slightly of Mattai. Most however, seem to be in the style of comedia del arte or reminiscent of Greek tragedy... you can't be certain though, not knowing much in the way of either style (having no Academics). You DO notice, however, that there are a sizable portion of the masks in the shape of bird's heads.

  • A large room that seems to serve as a makeshift kennel for a number of large, seemingly well cared dogs. You think they're some sort of mix between a German shepherd and something else. They all seem meticulously well groomed and very healthy looking.

  • A very obviously occulty laboratory, in which a number of tables are laid out with a series of crystals, glass gazing balls and baubles - all of which hum with strange and alien music to your ears in shrill almost painful undulating vibrations. Also included in the laboratory are rather standard tomes, alchemical equipment, and various scrolls and notes scribbled in languages you don't understand. Several circles of no doubt arcane intent are traced on the floor in chalk...

  • Also in the laboratory, is another dog, this one black and very large. It notices you immediately as you enter, and watches you unwaveringly as you explore the area. As you begin to withdraw, you brush near one of the tables... and it barks and begins to start at you. You decide to pull out.

    In the seconds as you make it back to your body, you can swear that it is bearing down upon you... You suffer no ill effects, however, that you can tell.

OOC Note: A randomly thrown chop indicates that you manage to restrain your natural curiosity as to the location, but given the Flaw, your Nature and your utter lack of Willpower, you will not be able to restrain it for very long.

ST Notes: She met Ashonap. Down -1 Willpower.

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