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You Asked About the Spirits

Lazzaro Giovanni; September 30, 2007


I have a couple small things to be doing:

1.) Clarification - Lazzaro will attend mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral [assuming they have a midnight mass]:

2.) Researching Necromantic things - Lazzaro is putting all of his Necro Lore x1 and Wraith Lore x2 to use: how might a Necromancer force a Wraith to follow a person for an extended period of time?

3.) Learn to drive - Simple enough. Lazzaro and Alyssa will leave NYC proper and Lazzaro will attempt to take a turn behind the wheel in the Lincoln.

4.) Buy an urn for Vojislav.

5.) Call Messala and Alexandra to ask if either of them know about what happened to Roberto or any of the Wraith's Vojislav dealt with.

Influence Response:

1. They do have a midnight mass, IRL. Clarification noted.

2. You sit about and ponder, occasionally cracking out such greats as the Munich Manual of Demonic Magic and your compiled texts on Attic divination. You come to the conclusion that a wraith could, in theory, be compelled to follow a particular person simply using the arts of the , even for a very prolonged period of time... however you realize such an effect would not last after death.

As such, you can hypothesize that other factors might come into play to cause the necromantic compulsion to seem to linger. If the wraith in question wasn't exactly clear on "the rules" (as a small child might be) they might think that the compulsion was still in effect, especially if threats were levied against it's fetters or other things important to it.

3. Alyssa takes you out a safe distance away from the city and lets you take the car for a spin. Wheeee!

4. You urn-shop for Vojislav. You eventually settle on a stylish and overpriced piece shaped like a leather book set. This way, you figure, you can hide the ashes if they ever (Heaven forfend!) become a sought-after item, and they are hence rendered a little safer from theft. This way too, you can also secretly pretend that Vojislav is not, in fact, on your bookshelf or anywhere vaguely near you.

5. You call Messala and find that he doesn't seem to remember who Vojislav was. You try to refresh his memory and he then remembers that Vojislav was someone that Alexandra mentioned, and begins to lecherously divert the topic of conversation to Alexandra's cold alabaster countenance, and the erotic aesthetic of rigor mortis. As you try to un-divert him as hard as you can from this conversational track, he starts asking if there is in fact another woman in the city, now under his command, or if he just dreamt that some lovely creature had phoned him earlier announcing her arrival. As you stammer desperately, envisioning the very very very bad situation resulting from Edda and Messala standing in close proximity to one another, he thankfully manages to lose interest in you and your not-a-woman-ness and drifts into a casual nap.

Alexandra, as is usual when you (and you presume when anyone else) calls her, sighs almost immediately when you present your query. She asks just how much you know about cousin Vojislav's fate, and proceeds to describe the situation.

"You see, Herr Giovanni, Vojislav, he was killed by the Camarilla.

I asked the Tremere, Herr Jones, about it at first. We didn't know he was dead when we came to the city, Messala and I. We wanted to know what had happened to him. Jones, he said it was something to do with two dead Cainites: Bojan Petrov and Lillian Greer. He mailed me some of this Greer woman's notes about what had happened. He claimed it was all he had.

And then one week or so later, Petrov... he was not so dead anymore. Curious thing.

I wouldn't have thought too much on it if Roberto hadn't resurfaced. He was surprising. He came to us with information, you see. He claimed Antony - that was Vojislav's other man, ja? Antony had sold Vojislav out. He claimed that he'd done this to get something -something of his- back from the man that had Vojislav, and that he'd told him to kill him when it was done.

Antony. When my man caught him, we gave him a... [Her voice gets very cold] talking to. We found out this man who killed Vojislav was a Mr. Darren West - and that he was Prince of the Camarilla before he too died.

So, I went to talk to the new Prince, Miss Rogerson. She said it wasn't her business and she did not know what West's intentions were. She called in Petrov and they explained as best they could from there.

[Icy sigh]

Nobody left very happy.


But, then, you did not ask about politics no? You asked about the spirits.

There were just the two.

Roberto is no concern of ours for now - I offered him that much for what he did. At best, he is an informant and we see him infrequently. I can send him your way next time somebody catches sight of him.

As for what I know of him: He was a recluse in life and speaks very little. From what I can gather, he has some sort of obsession with cars. He's able to manipulate objects on this side of the veil and can cause localized... disturbances in how things ought be.

Antony Watts... you are less likely to meet. At least not still as a spirito. He was an actor of some sort - committed suicide when his fiancee left him - she's still up in Connecticut, a woman named Clarice Owens. I've heard he could influence the dreams of the living in some way.

Oh... and that brings me to the other player in the game. [She seems uncertain if she just phrased that right.] Simon Morris. You see, Antony was supposed to be haunting this man named Simon Morris. He apparently staked and subdued Vojislav for Greer's sake and then seemed to drop off the radar entirely... It was all West from there. I don't really know... really. We haven't been able to find him.

[Another pause and then somewhat abruptly]

I'll send you the notes from Greer, ja? Maybe it makes sense to you?"

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