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Adventures with Isabella (Fall 2007)

Ash Gently; September 12, 2007


Ash has probably read A Gateway to Sindarin fifty godd*mn times by now. Isabella had sure as hell better be Hooked on Phonics by the end of the summer or she's not getting any more candy.

Influence Response:

Isabella is now capable of *roughly* reading things put in front of her, provided that the letters are big, the words aren't, and you don't startle her. She's good with big signs, her favorite being one that washed down a storm drain that says "Enjoy our hot Fries!" and has a big picture of an anthropomorphic pig.

It's actually the only big sign she likes, as there aren't many big signs lying around the sewers. She thinks the pig looks friendly and attractively plump.

She's bilingual too! She can read any large-lettered small-worded sign in Sindarin (and even occasionally in Quenya)

She starts eating more of the Smarties - because she is a "Smarty" now that she can read! Hooray!

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