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I'm Saying I'll Quit

Helen Rogerson; March 5


Helen's going to watch the DVD-R footage of Evans' and Greer's offices for 2006-04-28.

Influence Response:

[OOC: The following transcripts are rough accounts moving between dialogue and description. I don't have a perfect memory for scenes.]

File 1: Evans's Office - 2006-04-28 10:33 PM - 2006-04-29 12:09 AM

The video seems to have been intentionally edited for continuity. You see the Hadrian Evans sitting in his office in the AOL-Time Warner Building. Lillian Greer enters the room looking exasperated. She throws her hands on the table.

"Vojislav Giovanni's phone number..."

She sighs.

The conversation degenerates into a tense argument as Greer explains that she's not giving Evans the phone number in question, as there are deep-seated plans in place to have Vojislav killed, and she's not going to let him interfere. She relates that Vojislav is currently a threat to Petrov, and that Petrov himself has been chasing after the man for years, seeking vengeance for his dead brother. She adamantly indicates that Vojislav needs to die. Evans is taken aback as Greer relates what's going on.

"Why didn't you bring this to me!?"

"I saw no reason to."

"I am the Prince. How can you see no reason to inform me of what transpires in my city?"

"Fine. Bojan asked me not to."

Evans get angry and accuses her of breaking the Sixth Tradition by going over his head on the matter. He indicates he doesn't give a damn what Petrov's conflict with the Giovanni is and tells her she's losing Status. He'd normally punish Petrov, but it seems evident that Greer should have been able to keep him in check had she wanted to. He tells her she will cease operations against Vojislav immediately.

"You're too important to risk over something like this. I need a Sheriff."

"You won't have a Sheriff if you deny me this."

"Wait... if he doesn't die, are you saying you'll somehow be in danger?"

"No... I'm saying I'll quit."

Evans, faced with Greer's resignation, eventually concedes to let her kill Vojislav so long as she can do it safely, quickly and quietly. Both parties still seem very upset. Greer indicates nonchalantly that there is a risk she'll be killed. Evans gets upset and they argue again, over everything from Simon Morris, to her bid for the Seneschalship, to her attachment to Petrov. Eventually Evans composes himself, tells her he's disappointed and that her loss of Status will be announced at Court.

Greer, however, has stopped speaking and is looking dazed into space. She doesn't seem to respond to outside stimuli. Evans seems a bit concerned. He asks her if she's okay.

No response.

He eventually gets up and shakes her to which she doesn't respond and calls her name a few times. Frustrated and confused, he starts to leave.

"Lillian, I think you're stuck. I'm going to go."

He leaves. After fifteen minutes of not moving, Greer gets up unsteadily and leaves as well.


File 2: Greer's Office - 2006-04-29 1:45 AM - 2:11 AM

Greer, with her hair disheveled, stumbles into her office alongside Auberon Xerices. She looks tired, yet somehow insanely elated. Auberon takes a seat and they begin to talk.

Lillian starts to talk. She thanks Auberon for what happened last week and flirtatiously engages him in conversation. She mentions that he never ask her what it was that she most desired.

He asks.

Lillian goes on a long diatribe about the nature of the Cainite condition. She laughs strangely at points as she describes how being a Cainite entails waking up with powers like unto a God... yet almost everyone takes this opportunity not to be godlike but to bow and scrape and act subservient. She talks about monotheism and how it replaced the terrible and savage Gods of old with a boring patriarchal figure of forgiveness. She talks about how before the advent of Christianity, religion was about paying homage to the strong.

Auberon listens to her raving and points out that the reason that Cainites do as they do is because they're afraid. Because, looking back, they can see that all the old Gods died.

Lillian continues to laugh. She hangs her head.

Evans opens the door and asks to talk to Lillian alone. Auberon leaves.

Evans talks to Lillian again. His voice is quiet. He explains that the Sabbat has been doing something and that he needs her to investigate. She nods, smiling.

He pulls out a gun and shoots her.

She looks back, shocked, and then angry. For a moment Evans freezes, looking overwhelmed and even frightened.

Lillian then lies down on the floor and seems to lose consciousness.

Evans shoots her in the head repeatedly. He opens the door and Haldor enters the room, setting the body on fire. He dismisses Haldor and sits in the room for several more minutes, looking upset.


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