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The Chronicles of Dragonrax (Fall 2007)

Brian Wu; September - December, 2007


Brian Wu; September 11, 2007


Stealth X4

Brian Wu is fortifying his basement. He calls up a private firm that specializes in underground housing, and has them shore up the place. The excuse? He wants to throw extravagant parties in his waterfall cave basement, and wants to add some significant structural support. Also, apparently on the phone, he seemed to be extremely paranoid of the terrorist threat - but hey, he has millions of dollars, so they're going to do it anyway. Plus, his eyes are so dreamy when you see them in person... Anyway, some of this involves digging deeper, creating more tunnels and compartments in the earth, perhaps installing a complex lighting system, but some of it also includes creating some rather large steel doors covering his tunnel entrance which are impenetrable to say, several tank shells.

Also on the purchase list is a slightly larger than human-sized steel box that is only unlockable from the inside. Also, perhaps a mannequin, and a second (unlockable from outside) box for the mannequin to reside in. These boxes are placed in somewhat shallow square-shaped holes in the ground that they fit into just perfectly.

Of course, there's a rather large roll of Kevlar just lying around, so maybe he hires some interior designers to hang up some creative Kevlar drapes and hangings, just so the cave doesn't look so bare. One's living environment, after all, is a reflection of one's own mind.

Influence Response:

You are STEALTHed.

Your friends in the industrial sector hook you up with an appropriate architectural firm specializing in making bizarre structures and houses for eccentric millionaires. You are surprised to find that (unlike virtually every other business person you approach), they don't really look at you funny. All things considered, your requests are fairly mundane. You find out later that one of the firm members used to be part of the design team for Richard Garriott, and this goes a long way to explaining his nonchalant attitude toward your insane plans.

Construction on the Wu-Cave takes up most of the summer. The people you hire manage almost everything swimmingly - although the reinforced doors require getting some military grade materials (Thank goodness these are your Industry Influence people doing this). The doors should take a heavy beating and keep things secure - although you strongly suspect that angry Brujah + a battering implement + time might be able to pummel them down if such factors were to converge.

The boxes and mannequin are easy to get. The people you buy them from give you knowing and somewhat lascivious winks. You don't quite get it.

When all is said and done you have a badass hidden cave fortress, complete with secret tunnels to your mansion, hidden doors, a complete disco floor with bar and hot tube, and rolling Kevlar banners bearing the proud symbol of Wu Industries.

Life is grand.

So grand in fact that as I am typing this influence, another influence has arrived from elsewhere which directly pertains to your new and swankified house. You see, sometime over the summer, two voluptuous women (one blond, one brunette wearing a blond wig) dressed as Swedish milk maids arrive at the (non secret) door to your house, carrying a milking pail filled with whipped cream, and delivering what can only be described as a "singing hookergram."

"We thought you might enjoy something out of the ordinary, Brian"
"Your close friend called us up and we're not lyin'"
"He says he hopes your summer's going fi-ne"
"He hopes that you'll have a pleasant ti-me"
"And that your not on fire, shot or somehow dyin'"

The girls sing fairly well [Performance x1 at least] and explain that they had to write the lyrics themselves, as the message they were told to deliver didn't really have a very good rhythm. They let you see the note if you inquire.

It reads: "I thought you might enjoy something out of the ordinary. Hope your summer's going well and you're not dead. Sincerely, Mr. G"

Said individuals totally proceed to make an attempt to coat you and Mr. Crawford in delicious sugary desert topping and perform all manner of lascivious and potentially chastity damaging acts upon both of your persons, provided that you make no attempt to stop them.

Just to let you know, Mr. Crawford makes no such attempt.


Brian Wu; October 9, 2007


At last, Brian Wu adopts his alter ego and rides the streets as a masked crusader in his tank-like car, dealing judgment and justice within the realm of NYC. Of course, he's going to be incredibly smart about handling this one, using his nifty police doodads to return radio signals concerning incidents involving numbers, especially when there are no nearby units. He'll work primarily in the shittiest slum areas not as heavily observed by the Watch. Flashbangs and smoke grenades make for great entrances/escapes.

Of course, he'll be MAJESTICALLY rolling in to any 'popular' event this time around. And he'll definitely find one of those one of these nights.

Influence Response:

You have never felt so alive before, racing through the outskirts of the slums in the Wumobile. Of course, as mentioned, you are VERY careful to keep yourself as unnoticed as possible for your massive tank-like vehicle and the associated theatrics associated with your alter-ego. The very first few incidents you encounter are not quite what you expected - you use your DREAD GAZE to herd loiterers and wandering prostitutes off of the streets. All in all, while entertaining at first, it doesn't satisfy your deep urges to stalk the nights as the messenger of judgment. Of course, your patience pays off as one night you hear of a [number] happening at an [undisclosed location], which with your dot of LAW ability tells you that it's an armed robbery in progress. It just so happens that you are, indeed, lucky enough to be close enough to deal with the situation. You arrive at the scene, devoid of police as expected, and encounter the robbers inside the bank. You are able to terrify them with your MAJESTIC and AWEsome countenance - but, of course, fear does nothing but encourage the urge to flee - and two out of three of them choose to do so. (The other conveniently decides to SLEEP as you give chase.) With your BRAWL skills, you're able to take one down and detain him as he attempts to flee through the front entrance. The other one is a bit smarter, and runs back into the bank complex in an attempt to find a back-exit... but only ends up trapping himself in a cubicle. Of course, once you make eye-contact, it's all over - he STOPS MOVING AND SITS DOWN, letting you make your near-maniacal rant about the state of justice of the world before you decide to just fuck it and drink his blood. Of course, afterwords he happens to forget the fact that you've done so - and you choose to... exaggerate some of the details he remembers. (e.g., soundbite: I SWEAR TO GOD HE'S A FUCKING DRAGON-MAN)


Brian Wu; October 25, 2007


Dragonrax continues to operate as usual - thwarting domestic issues and petty theft. Perhaps another significant event is taken care of again, in a bolder setting (i.e., a better, more Watched neighborhood.)

Influence Response:

Dragonrax does indeed operate as usual. You continue to evade the police by hitting unwatched neighborhoods... the majority of these, of course, rather tame issues - you've got a 288 (lewd contact), an 11-26 (abandoned bicycle), and a 273D (child neglect). As Dragonrax, you are able to carry yourself with civility and grace, and bring happiness to the lives of these people.

Perhaps you attempt to get fortunate again... or more risky this time. There are 3 police officers racing towards the scene of the crime, but of course the Wumobile races way past them. According to your scanner, there is an fugitive convict spotted by the Neighborhood Watch on the run from an attempted convenience-store robbery (he failed). After spotting him, you recklessly drive past him and cut off his escape route and jump out of your car dramatically.

You, of course, are able to dominate him into submission. The police arrive very shortly after you subdue him - of course (and this is another liberal use of of course) they are subjected to the MAJESTY beams, and then FORGETFUL MINDing the car out of their memories (plus maybe some embellishments). Flashbang, and then you speed off into the distance.


Brian Wu; November 11, 2007


Downgrade Dragonrax activities temporarily, such that there is still a presence in the city, but quietly enough that the Police don't devote too much attention to him.

Influence Response:

Noted. Brian Wu spends an evening recuperating at his home from a hard week's work being the world's most dramatic social worker. You'll catch that big fish one day, Brian. Meanwhile Dragonrax continues to roam the streets... quietly. No use of flashy equipment, no high-speed vehicle chases. A few purses were returned to their respective owners. A runaway child was comforted and returned home to loving parents. All manner of warm fuzzies, you know.


Brian Wu; December 6, 2007


Stealth x4

Contact a specialty weapons manufacturer. Order a custom-made tranquilizer gun (potentially an air pistol), as well as custom-made darts (darts should go into a clip). Should be small enough to fit into a pocket, and should have a belt-clip of some sorts.

Influence Response:

You get your nice little dart gun (with laser scope!) that can fire custom-made ANTISEMPRE BULLETS and other such drugs... that is, when they're finally available. For now, you're just satisfied with filling the darts with diet coke. Of course, the company lets you know that you get refills if you'd like, and welcomes your future business.


Brian Wu; December 7, 2007


Conceal x3

Talk to some old police buddies and figure out what's going on in their lives. Buy 'em donuts or take them out for drinks. If they're feeling tired, (jokingly) offer them about joining the Wu personal security squad. Talk to them about their opinions on the Watch, the 11/9 attack, vigilantism and Lucasta and Dragonrax.

Request information on gang members - location, age, etc. One or two mid-tier guys would be appropriate, and a couple of lower ones. It should be enough information for a potential Dragonrax raid in the future. Have the reports photocopied. They forget this ever happened.

Influence Response:

Summary of police opinions:

  • Watch: Its a good idea, but I wish they'd hire some more people for it. Responding to all the Watch calls stretches the force pretty thin at times.

  • 11/9: Oh my God. Another one. What is it about NYC that gives it a huge fucking bulls-eye for terrorists? At least this one wasn't as bad as the last one. But that Bridge thing is scary. NO FUCKING CLUE what happened there. Vontaug security is badass. You wanna get in on the pool for the next bizarre bullshit incident will be?

  • Lucasta and vigilantism: Don't get me fucking started.

  • Dragonrax: Just ... bizarre. I mean, he's a vigilante. But what the hell is he doing? Where is he getting his information? At least he hasn't gotten anyone killed ... yet

Gang members:

  • Hector Rodriquez is a young tough who hopes to make it big someday. Right now, he's content working under Throat-Cutter running a part of Vinnie's old Staten Island drug trade. Tends to hang out around (corner). Suspected in a half-dozen assaults, a few years ago, now he tends to leave the dirty work to others.

  • 'Fuck you' Larry is an arm-breaker for the Russian mob. Suspected in a string of gang murders.

  • Greg the Knife is a Watch leader of all things, but before that he was a member of the Orphans. He claims he's gone clean, but the force really doubts it. Especially since his predecessor resigned after a tragic fall which broke both his legs. Drinks at a the Yellow Dog, a tavern (somewhere in Orphans territory) which is roughly in the center of his watch area.
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