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A Place Without Snowmen

Helen Rogerson; December 9, 2007


Helen's going to contact the prince of Aspen, CO (or if there is not a prince for that town, the closest one to claim domain) and inquire if it is acceptable for her to visit the town for a few weeks. She does not want anything to do with the local politics, she just needs to be away from New York for the holidays. She will also ask if it is acceptable to bring her two ghouls, because she does not want to leave them behind in New York.

Influence Response:

Nosferatu Prince Justine Sturmer meets your correspondence with all due cordiality and tells you that you are more than welcome to spend the Winter season in Aspen.

The city is naturally somewhat busy given the holiday season, and Rachel and Brian both ask about a skiing outing. You are relieved to find that the three of you manage to spend the weekend after Christmas at a fairly expensive cabin up on Buttermilk Mountain, whereupon you discover that Brian is the only one with any concept of how skiing works.

You spend the next 48 hours trying to figure the sport out without aid of any helpful instructors (as they only tend to come out in the day). Brian is actually quite the gentleman, and by the end of a rather exhausting series of lessons, you manage to hold you own (Your inherent METTLE and stalwart ENDURANCE help you weather this situation rather nicely). You note, with slight interest and relief, that Rachel seems willing to condescend to let Brian show her the ropes as well.

You altogether have a lovely time with the ghouls, free quite completely of snowmen versions of yourself and your Seneschal.

You make a brief appearance at formal court at the Red Brick Center for the Arts, where you find the Elysium to be fairly sparse. Prince Strumer greets you politely and gives you a seat next to your Primogen (One Damien Vosmos - a very slight man, seemingly Embraced in his late teens. He's very shy).

The events of the evening circle around a dispute between a Malkavian of barely past his accounting and a Ventrue Anarch whom said Malkavian's Sire, has accused of forcibly blood bonding him.

After watching the growing combination of debate, spectacle, and farce that seems to harry the affair, you decide to leave early, finding few Kindred with whom you wish to make conversation and an overabundance of politics to your liking.

Prince Strumer writes later to apologize for the rather distasteful display, and tells you succinctly that the matter is dropped and that the Ventrue has been executed, and the aggrieved Malkavian's Sire has been stripped of Status for his unsolicited and rather overbearing efforts in his childe's affairs. There's a tone of exasperation to the letter, that you more than recognize.

You while away the rest of your time between the Cirque d'Aspen, a small circus performance that finishes out the end of the year, and simply kicking back and reading. You politely decline when Vosmos invites you to attend the local Gerousia.

You weather the vacation well, all things considered, and make a mental note to send some sort of appropriate thank you to Strumer when all is done. You find you've spent another $5,000 or so on travel expenses, and figure some nice stationary and a few minutes time won't be much more to add on top of it.

You are also justified in buying a dot of Athletics (Skiing).

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