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You're Very Clever for Being Able to Read the Newspaper

Voice Mail: Ash Gently to Conrad Desmond; February 11, 2008

"Hey. This is John Doe calling again. Things were cut short a bit before. I thought I might inform you of the situation.

What you think you're going to do here; it's not going to work. That's not a threat. I'm just giving a little advice. You're not going to gain a damn thing trying to get rid of us, just like we're not going to be any better off trying to get rid of you. So before everyone starts dedicating themselves to making each other unhappy, I thought we should converse a bit.

Oh sure, I'll bet you think you're very clever right now. I'll bet you think you know exactly what to do about me and everyone else, and that you're very clever for being able to read the newspaper and see all of the fucking stupid ass shit that happens in New York and be angry about it. What you're not realizing is that most of us are at least as pissed off and doing our damnedest to keep things under control. Sure, you might be able to get rid of us. But you'll do a lot more harm than good, and you can be damned sure there'll be even more Bronx Butchers that slip through the cracks, and next time, you'll have to deal with it on your own. Honestly though, if you want to go out and nab yourself a Street Devil, feel free. Hell, I'd fucking appreciate it. It's one less thing on my table to deal with.

Have a nice day."

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