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The Firewar Song

At the dawn of the end of time
There will be one to judge your crimes
With axe of Thor and eyes totally dire
He'll fucking set you all on FIIRRRE!

Because he's the Firewar!
He kicks in doors!
He always scores!
He is hardcore!
The last guy who fucked with him is no more!

(Flamethrowers and rockets
Buildings explode!
Rock forever!)

On top of skyscrapers
He make the newspapers
Battling giant flaming robots
To save the world from Loki, GOD OF DEATH!

Because he's the Firewar!
He's at the fore!
He bathes in gore!
He sexes whores...
Until they're fucking dead!

He shoots pain out of his eyes
And everyone less hardcore totally dies!
Which is everyone, because they're not as cool
And the he... um...

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