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Epilogue - Part VIII: Reino Haldor

November 11, 2007

Over the next week or so, you can feel your face begin to slowly reknit itself, with each scar slowly fading into your skin. You look in the mirror and see your reflection for the first time void of scars. You had forgotten how you once looked, and although you weren't and aren't the handsomest of men, there's suddenly a soft attractiveness to your features you'd long forgotten was there.

You seem younger, as if the spell somehow undid all of the years and battles that left your visage as it was and somewhere bemusedly in the back of your mind you remember a long forgotten discussion of the bible, where you recall saying that could you be any character from the good book, you would be Noah.

You smile.

Because Noah was the man who got to see the world remade anew.

In the meantime, Roske's situation initially seems to get better (You know that the Blood Allergy shouldn't really last more than a night or so), before rapidly degenerating.

Three nights after the first incident, he is able to drink blood again.

Four nights after the first incident and he seems sick, as if he'd come down with some form of mortal influenza.

Five nights and he doesn't move much. His skin cracks and his eyes glaze over. You find the kitten on this day, somehow escaped from it's enclosure, licking at his face.

At eight nights he gets up and runs from the room, fevered and delirious, trying to crawl his way outside to make a phone call. When you turn to look at him, a small winged insect flies from his mouth.

He's shaking as you steer him back to his room.

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