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Epilogue - Part IV: Bojan Petrov

November 11, 2007

The day after last night, you have a dream.

Your eyes snap open. Above you, you see the stone ceiling of wherever you are sleeping. For reasons unclear, you have a feeling of there being horrible danger all around you. You have no insight as to where or what it is, but you get a distinct and terrible impression that somewhere, outside, the world is falling apart. People are dying.

Somehow though, you know that as long as you stay where you are, as long as you don't move a muscle, as long as you don't stop looking up at the stone ceiling above you, you have nothing to fear. You feel safe.

You have the feeling that you're being watched by others outside of your vision. You decide they can keep watching.

When you actually wake up the next evening, you find nothing particularly out of the ordinary. You have the feeling, however, that something or somebody is or was here. You realize that you haven't felt this strange in a month at least - not since you awoke to find the strange sigils outside of the crypt.

Unlike before, however, the sensation fading from your mind as you wake does not quite feel cold in the same way, even if it is still familiar. It's sort of like the numb chill you feel when you stand near a fire.

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