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Epilogue - Part II: Kaya Miakoda

November 11, 2007

You don't get very far into Newport before Adelle notices you and starts running over to see whomever you are and why you're there. Auberon seems to have had the ill luck to plunk you down in the middle of the Chantry grounds.

She catches up to you and looks at you as if you were a two-headed calf for a moment before greeting you with a confused "Hullo, Kaya." Whatever awkward conversation, argument, comedic combat or magical duel ensues, you eventually surrender yourself to getting set up in Nigel's room for the day, as Adelle tries to tell you you'll be okay and things will get sorted out in the evening.

The next several nights are a whirlwind of phone calls, questions and very boring games of mock Fumblethumb... which Nigel kindly finds away to adapt for a non-magic-user. Adelle leaves for the States the night after picking you up for some reason.

You are eventually brought before Regent Ambrose, who tells you that he's had a long talk with Regent Jones and that you are free to stay on the Isle. Naturally they can't have you wandering off anywhere unsupervised (That might cause *trouble*), but nobody here wants to kill you and you'll be as well taken care of as they can manage. Everyone who matters (i.e. Everyone who's a Tremere not named Jaxon) seems rather fond of you, in any event - and Jaxon doesn't really seem to hate you anymore than he normally hates anyone else.

You're told you might not be able to get a letter out to anyone until after January, but that they'll do their best to let you keep in touch after that. Apparently, as best a Nigel (who's defaulted to your general escort with Adelle gone) can tell, there's something up with an American Lord tossing about politics and such, and Ambrose wants to avoid a headache. You get the distinct impression that asking about Ja right now might not get you very far.

Several nights later, Adelle comes back looking disheveled and much worse for the wear. Being the curious and occasionally foolish creature you are, you follow her discreetly (i.e. Obfuscated) for a bit after she gets out of Ambrose's office. You want to know what's up, but aren't going to be crude enough to initiate Telepathy - that just leads to trouble.

Regent Ambrose doesn't like trouble...

Adelle undoes her hair and walks calmly toward the back yard of the Unitarian meeting house, where Abel is raking some leaves. Without saying a word, Adelle seizes him and kisses him forcefully on the lips.

It's a few moment before she disengages. Abel has been standing completely still the whole time, looking sort of confused and at a loss. Adelle starts to cry before running off, leaving him there alone. The rake hasn't even left his hand.

Over the next week or so, Adelle returns to her normal self, and nothing at all seems to be amiss. Abel bakes her ginger snaps a few days later and claims Aretha made them - which she obviously didn't as they still seem to be edible...

Nobody mentions the incident at all.

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