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Re: Staten Island, Assamites, Lucastites

May 6, 2008

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Re: Staten Island, Assamites, Lucastites

Ms. Grey, Ms. Haus, Mr. Haldor, Mr. Gently, Mr. Samuel.

We have a situation on our hands. Correction: we have several situations on our hands, some of which need immediate addressing.

Firstly, the situation with the Staten Island Sabbat Splinter Group has gone unchecked too long. Much as it grieves me, those kids are a liability that we cannot afford right now. Mr. Haldor, as Scourge, this is your territory, and as such, please feel free to deal with the situation. Take or send whomever you need for this project - and it might be a good idea to access some of the underused assets of our court - Ander, Greenwolf and his sidekick, Whit, possibly Victoria English or DuSable from the Nosferatu. Eevee has proven herself a useful commodity in these types of ventures as well, and it may be in your best interests to have her or (god help us) Jay Winslow scout the areas they're known to haven in. From my accounts, there should be 5 of them; Haled el ashim - he's in charge, from what I can tell, Allie, Nick, Petey, (whom some of you have met) and one other who's name I never did get. Let me make this next part *abundantly* clear:

Do not, I repeat **DO NOT** kill these individuals. Beat them into torpor, but no ashes. Make no mistake, these kids are *victims* in this. We possess the manpower, the experience, and the personal prowess to supersede the conventional path of least resistance. Obviously, we need to get them all in one swoop - as any escapees will doubtlessly fall right into Roger/Angel's hands, and the Sabbat just earned another grunt. Take them all out, and bring them back here. The Nosferatu might be of some aid in this - Mr. Gently, can you or another member of your clan conceal these individuals? Things could get tricky if the police are called, and our team is found with 5 seemingly dead bodies in duffle bags.

Of course, the golden rules still apply. If the Masquerade, or your own lives are at stake, then do what you have to. Don't kill yourself on account of my moral inflexibility.

I appreciate your patience in dealing with this situation, and look forward to a swift resolution of the matter at hand.

Another matter that needs addressing: The Independent Assamites, namely the individual calling himself 'H'. My own misgivings and exasperation regarding this individual should be fairly apparent, but if not, let me clarify - *Fuck this guy.* My thoughts on his time in this city can be summed up by the following entries:

- 2006-03-31: FARREL and "H" have apparently broken their ties with
the Anarchs and are taking out contracts from the Sabbat. MCGREGGOR has
since disowned them.

- 2006-03-31: FARREL and "H" have essentially made political enemies
of both the Camarilla and the other independents, having threatened the
Giovanni, having attempted to assassinate GRETCHEN FAUSTUS, and having
attacked one of our security guards, breaching the Masquerade. Their Clan is
not pleased.

Reino, you were here during these times, if I have my history correct. Is there any reason you can think of why this individual has earned *anything* other than swift, immediate final death at our hands? Please, inform us if you know something I don't.

Also, I received a missive from Aziem which can be summed up as "I don't trust these men, they're either fools, liars, or Sabbat. Stake them for me and send them to my elders so that said Elders will be proud of me." I for one, don't care if Mr. Ibn Ulmar's elders are proud of him. I *do* however care that there's an interest within the Clan regarding these two - there may be boons, status, or other manner of favor to be curried should this be taken care of. Ms. Grey, it is entirely possible that there's some manner of political trapping regarding the Schismatics that I'm unaware of. Please let me know if there's something I'm missing here.

I simply want the Kindred of my Domain to be safe. With H here, I don't feel that they are.

Thirdly, I'm sure everyone is painfully aware, but the Lucastites are probably going to do something terribly foolish soon - be careful, and let's be ready for whatever idiocy might be forthcoming. Use the resources available to you, and see if we can't head them off before they *do* anything horrible.

As ever, thank you for your time, and your attention to these matters. Call me if there's anything you need, anything you think I should know, or if there's something I missed or miscalculated here.

Sincerely, Eugene C. Wright

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