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Greatness is All a Matter of Perspective

Adam Jones | Darren West | Emanuel James Richardson IV; January, 2008


Letter: Adam Jones to Emanuel James Richardson IV; January ??, 2008

Dear Mr. Richardson,

Where to begin? During your time in New York City, Elysium was certainly interesting. I learned a great deal from watching your example while you were serving first as Lesser Harpy and Primogen and later as Seneschal. I certainly appreciate the learning experience, but I do not in any way wish to indicate that a boon will be extended for it. Sorry to disappoint.

You are skilled, I will grant you that. In the future, I would enjoy working with you, although I doubt you would be willing to do so. I am, however, content with your current state. A never-ending rivalry or sequence of mutual retaliation would serve no one.

That being said, I wish to make a few things clear. We have all been requested to not act against you after your departure. We agreed to this request. Should you see fit to retaliate for real or perceived slights committed by members of this Domain, we will respond in kind. Without going into details, I can assure you that you will not enjoy the experience. There are those in New York who anxiously await an opportunity to act against you. Please do not give them one.

Second, I am aware of a current, active threat to your life. Should you see fit to forgive the boon I owe you, I will inform you of it.

I wish you the best of luck in any future endeavor you undertake, so long as such endeavors do not involve this Domain.

Adam Jones


Letter: Emanuel James Richardson IV to Darren West; January ??, 2008

Your Majesty,

I had hoped to make a generally clean break from your Domain, but it seems such is not to be. This evening, I received a harassing missive from Mr. Jones. It contained all manner of veiled threats and hinted recriminations at my perceived transgressions against Mr. Jones and the Domain of New York City. So be it. I knew Mr. Jones was not my friend, and I frankly expected nothing more from such a man as he. What troubles me was the matter he addressed most bluntly.

Mr. Jones claims there is a genuine plot which threatens my continued existence, and he seeks to hold boons for ransom over my head in exchange for knowledge of these plots. If the kind words you spoke regarding the value you place on my service to you were true, then I humbly request that you discover the nature of this most foul plot and relate it to me. He cannot refuse a direct order from you and remain a member in good standing of our august Camarilla. I find it quite likely that this is some fabrication or exaggeration which Mr. Jones is using in an attempt to garner a hold over me. If so, I would deeply appreciate knowing such as well.

Your Majesty, I greatly appreciate that you allowed me to set the tune of my own departure. Following that public good-bye, I have sought to be as quiet, discrete, and unobtrusive as possible, contacting other Kindred in the Domain only so much as is necessary to settle my affairs and leave. I do not want to be the cause of any greater heartache than I have already been, intended or no, and I request your aid in my effort to quietly disengage from New York.

While I have made a solemn decision to remain aloof from the affairs of New York, I hope that you keep in touch on a personal level. It would do my heart well to hear from you on occasion. I reiterate that, should you ever need aid or succor, you shall find it at my door.

I await your word.

Ever your loyal servant,
Emanuel James Richarson IV


Letter: Emanuel James Richardson IV to Adam Jones; January ??, 2008

My dear Mr. Jones,

I am so pleased my presence in New York caught and held your interest. Rest assured that your edification was utmost among my priorities, and it warms my long-stilled heart to hear that I was successful in at least the substantial endeavor of educating you. I would not think to ask a boon for such a thing, so there is no need to apologize. However, if it will make you feel better, I accept your apology.

You "grant" that I am skilled? I am consummately pleased to be paid so dreadfully overwhelming a compliment. I doubt that I have any great skill, but perhaps your...unique perspective grants you some special insight. Greatness is all a matter of perspective, I suppose. Is it not true, for example, that cockroaches must find even small house cats, let alone lions and tigers, to be great? Should you ever find yourself in need of those skills you see in me, please do not hesitate to ask for my assistance. I shall be as forthcoming and helpful as I possibly can.

While I appreciate your warnings, sweet Mr. Jones, against my future involvement in the affairs of Prince West's Domain, please, I beg you, continue to be content. I have no desire to meddle in the affairs of the Domain of New York. It is clear I am loathed and despised, unwelcome and unwanted, and I have never been one to overstay my welcome. Any slights against me are judgments passed on those who committed such; they are no weight on my soul. I have no desire to carry the ill will of any of New York City's residents with me as I leave. I intend to make a clean break.

With regard to any threats against my person, from any quarter and for any reason, I am largely unconcerned. However, if you truly believe that I am in danger, then I shall be happy to discuss the nature of the threat. I doubt you are aware of any significantly helpful information, but I am available for discussion on the matter. Should the information you present be both something of which I was unaware and the threat be as truly dangerous as you say, I will, of course, forgive a proper degree of the boon you owe me.

Avidly awaiting your reply,
Emanuel James Richarson IV

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