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Somebody or Something Named Roman

Danny J. Simons | Eugene "Brody" Wright | Love "Cassandra" Goodchild | Whit "Whitney" Brokehouse; November 22-25, 2008


Voice Mail: Love "Cassandra" Goodchild to Danny J. Simons; November 22, 2008

[Danny gets a voice mail from Cassandra in the wee hours of the early evening the day after Elysium. Her voice has a confused childlike quality to it. In spite of this, she seems to attempt to still sound chipper, although it comes across sort of awkwardly. You can tell she's a little overwhelmed.]

"Hey Danny! I have a weird question to ask, and this is sort of in a Setite-y "can you do something for me almost sort of under the table that I need done" way. You dig? It's just some info, and you might not be able to get it for me, and I suspect there'll be some price haggling if you do, although I hope there won't be, because I rather like you and hope you like me, and I think it would be nice if you'd just tell.

"Not that I know if you uh... know anything about what I'm asking.

"See, I need to know something about somebody or something named Roman, and I suspect other people have been asking about it somewhere in the big C.

"If you've overheard anything -ANYTHING- about this, it would be awesomely awesomely unbelievably helpful.

"Also... uh...

"[Very quickly blurted out before hanging up] You-wanna-do-coffee-again-sometime?



Voice Mail: Danny J. Simons to Love "Cassandra" Goodchild; November 23, 2008

[Cassandra gets a voice mail from Danny later the same night, in what one could call the wee hours of the morning. Sie sounds mildly amused, but calm as always. You might notice hir voice is a little higher-pitched than last time you talked - sie almost sounds feminine, in a way...]

"Good evening, Cassandra - this is Danny, returning your call. I have overheard a bit about this fellow, Roman - yes, he's a guy - and I think that some sort of mutually acceptable arrangement could be reached if you'd like access to my information.

"Tell you what - let's meet for coffee on [OOC date] night at [OOC pretentious coffee shop], and if I can confirm that your goals are conflict with mine...I'll tell you some of what I know in exchange for the price of a cup of coffee. If you want more, we can haggle.

"No need to call me back and confirm. I'll be waiting.

"Have a lovely night."



Voice Mail: Danny J. Simons to Eugene "Brody" Wright; November 23, 2008

[Brody receives a voice mail from Danny late on Saturday night, or perhaps early Saturday morning if you prefer.]

"Good evening, Prince Wright - this is Danny Simons, with a quick policy question. Is there a particular reason our Anarch friends have been kept in the dark about the Roman situation, and if not, would it be problematic if they were brought up to speed?

"Please let me know as soon as possible, and I will act accordingly to ensure that nothing goes awry."

"Thank you for your time, and have a pleasant night."



Voice Mail: Love "Cassandra" Goodchild to Danny J. Simons; November 23, 2008

[Cassandra again. She sounds happier than when she last called. There is a definite note of excitement to her voice.]

"Hey Danny! Secret info about secret things of secret importance for coffee? Fantastic! [She has the same intonation with that word as Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who]

[She pauses reflectively.]

"I know you said I didn't need to call back, but uh... you have a lovely night as well! For serious, cuz you might well have just made mine."




Voice Mail: Eugene "Brody" Wright to Danny J. Simons; November 25, 2008


"You may have a better read on those three than I. As of right now, I can't predict with any degree of certainty how they'll react to certain situations.

"The Cam will help out because they have to. You and the Giovanni, because it's in your best interests. The Anarch movement's primary concern is confounding the plans of whomever the Camarilla big shot is. I can't honestly say if they're happy to let people die, so long as it makes me look bad - but that's what their movement does. Anarchs breach the Masquerade, and kill human beings wholesale. Again, not that Pangloss, Cassandra, or Daria seem to be that sort - but they're certainly agitators. Cassandra wanted to know what it would take for me to 'not' kill the Sabbat, and that hardly engenders a lot of trust on my part.

"Use discretion - you have shown me no reason to doubt your judgment thus far. If you find it unlikely that they're working with the Sabbat, if you find them attempting to be useful, helpful, or otherwise non-antagonistic, then feel free to pool information.

"This city's initial reclamation from the Sabbat owes a great deal to co-operation with both Anarchs, and Set's followers. I have every intent of continuing that tradition.

"At your discretion, Simons."


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