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Cassandra/Columna's Total Insanity Deck


Cassandra Cards

Angelism (Platonic Ideal): You are suddenly made aware that you are not in fact a person, but rather a literal embodiment of whatever concept is central to your character's Nature.* Internally, you no longer regard yourself as an agent possessing free will and have godlike authority over the concept which you now are. You cannot act in a manner contrary to your Nature as a result and automatically lose ties on challenges where your Nature is called against you as a retest.

*Ex: A character with the Nature Judge might feel they are a construct of Justice. A character with the nature Child might feel they are a construct of Innocence.

Confusion (Logical Break): You have an unreal and confused sense of time and actions. You no longer perceive past events as having a necessitated impact on present and future events. All you see is a series of incidents that may have meaning strung between them in any way you desire. Cause and effect can now be chosen arbitrarily by your brain.

Ex: If you see a baseball bat hit a ball, you are not necessarily aware that the force of the bat hitting the ball caused it to fly in the other direction. You are just as liable to believe that the fact it was raining or that your mother called you an odd nickname as a child caused the motion of the object.

Confusion (Temporal Dysmorphia): You are confused about the order of events. Things that are planned for tomorrow may be thought of as things that already happened. Needless to say, this derangement makes it very difficult to schedule and even be present at events. It also manifests itself as a permanent state of deja-vu, where events that are occurring in the present often register as memories.

Dependent Personality Disorder: You now feel utterly emotionally dependent on whatever person your character considers them self to be personally closest to. You do not feel competent to make decisions of any weight without consulting them, and you cannot act against them in any way.

Desensitization (Lotus Eater): You are no longer capable of processing the emotions of anger, fear, or sadness. While you can still intellectually understand that something anger- fear- or sorrow-inducing may have transpired, you cannot emote in reaction.

Other emotions (happiness, anticipation, boredom, etc…) are intact.

Depersonalization Disorder: You no longer feel connected to your own body. It is a clumsy cumbersome shell that you are piloting like a giant mecha from somewhere outside of yourself. You are incapable of using Celerity above Swiftness due to the perceived time lag, and you receive the Negative Physical traits Clumsy x2.

Fugue (See No Evil): You can no longer cope with witnessing anything of man or Kindred's evil nature. Whenever you witness or participate in anything that would qualify as a violation of Humanity x3 or lower, you fall into a fugue state in which you seek to remove yourself from the area.

Hallucinations (Lens of Childhood): The world around you suddenly changes in size and proportion and seems much bigger. Colors take on a vibrant hue. Sounds seem loud yet muted. You are particularly by strong olfactory sensations that remind you of your youth. Everything around you seems to take on a warped, yet friendly, form designed to hurtle you into a feeling of nostalgic complacency.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Speak No Evil): You are incapable of telling saying anything deliberately hurtful or damaging to another character without the expenditure of a Willpower.

Obsession: You are now convinced that you have attained an absolute state of true love with whatever person your character considers themselves to be personally closest and most compatible with in a romantic sense. You must act as if you possess a full three step blood bond to them, and you cannot be swayed from your conviction that they are your soul mate.

Schizophrenia (Innate Animism): You are under the delusional understanding that all objects, living or unliving, have souls, emotions, personalities, and thoughts. You also feel that you can intuit the feelings of things such as chairs, wallpaper, plants, chalkboards, etc... and are further aware that such items can hear and react to things you say and do.

Schizophrenia (Hear No Evil): You literally cannot hear people speak when they attempt to incite or speak about any act that would be considered a violation of Humanity x3 or lower. Your mind instead fills in the blanks with other words more palatable.

Synesthesia (Music of the Spheres): Your senses of internal balance and touch now have an audio component, and you can hear a continuous sound of divine music emanating from all surfaces. Physical contact with anything, including your own clothing, brings an incredibly intense swell to the seeming all-song around you.


Columna Cards

Amnesia: You forget any and all life you might have had prior to your Embrace. If you are not a vampire, you forget all of your life events before age 20. If you are younger than 20, lose all events before age 10. If you are younger than 10, Cassandra is a horrible person for using this on you and you get a free pass on this one.

Dissociative Blood Spending: You spend blood at random points throughout the evening to make yourself weep from your right eye and sweat profusely from the pores of that side of your face. These incidents have no relation to your actual emotional state and you are not consciously aware that blood is being spent.

Crimson Rage: You need to continually be agitated – to continually be moving toward either mania or rage or you are going to disappear. You will force yourself to find something to be upset about if you ever find yourself growing calm and Frenzy is always close to the surface.

Masochism: You feel a terrible sense of guilt for any wrongs, real or imagined, that you have committed in the past and understand that they can be atoned for through pain and physical mortification. You are transfixed by pain (as per LoTN) and may even resort to self-mutilation in order to feel "pure" again.

Megalomania (Martyr Complex): In spite of whatever your opinions might be of the people around you, you feel a pressing need to "save" them from something, namely their own ignorance and misdeeds. To do so, you will go to any length necessary, including killing people for their own "protection."

Obsession: You are now convinced that your sole purpose and duty in life is to protect and act on behalf of whichever character your character feels the greatest emotional attachment to. You act like a psychotically over-protective mother hen as regards them and try to keep them from danger, pain, or displeasure at all costs, even if this does not take into account their actual desires. You must act as if you possess a full three step blood bond to them and will not be shaken from the notion that you know what is best for them.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (The Whole Truth): You are compelled to tell people the complete whole truth of whatever comes to your mind when asked a question. You are unable to hold your tongue on your opinions without the expenditure of a Willpower.

Paranoia (Isolation): You are cognizant of the fact that the whole world is mocking you for some perceived imperfection or difference you possess and that you are condemned to be an eternal outcast as a result. Everything positive that people say about you is an attempt to mock you even further. Deep down they all despise you out of jealousy or fear.

Phobia (Glass): You have an intense dislike of glass or similar surfaces shattering. You feel intensely uncomfortable around windows, windshields, and mirrors and will try to avoid being in their vicinity. You likely must take off your glasses if you are wearing them and will try to move others away from glass surfaces to keep them from disturbing them.

Power Object Fixation (McGuffin of Reason): Draw a card from Scrounge and come up with a narrative by which you found this shortly after being afflicted by Total Insanity. You are now convinced that this item is keeping your plethora of derangements in check and so long as to maintain possession of it, you are still in control of yourself.

Schizophrenia (Incomplete Entity): You no longer consider yourself an actual sentient being but rather see yourself as a series of strung-together emotions and thoughts that some other entity (possibly God) is dreaming of. You are aware that this person is eventually going to wake up and that you are going to be gone.

Schizophrenia (Confessional): You can hear people's conscience cry out to you and express their failings and weaknesses (real or imagined). As you pass by any other character, a swarm of whispering voices will confess to you that the people around you are murderers, pedophiles, diablerists, or any other number of similarly terrible things.

Synesthesia (Little Mermaid): Every step you take or tactile sensation you experience feels like broken glass cutting you severely. This includes your clothing.

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