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'M Not a Killer

Brian Vale | Darren West | Emmanuel James Richardson | Sam McCoy | Wes Jackson; January 7-17, 2007


Voice Mail: Wes Jackson to Darren West; January 7, 2007

[Wes Jackson calls you a few days after Elysium. His voice sounds hollow and sad. It carries a tone of deep concern.]


"Seneschal Richardson has ordered that a room in the basement of Elysium be closed to all personnel. I am calling to confirm that this is your wish.

[He pauses uneasily.]


"Vale's seen what's going on in that room. It's...

"They're dying. He can't tell what's killing them but they're dying.

[He pauses, obviously upset now.]



"I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. It's they're... two men... they were taken in by Sheriff McCoy, Keeper Assara, Harpy Xerices, and Mr. Brighton last Elysium.

"It's bad. Really bad.

[There is another long awkward pause. You can tell Wes sounds genuinely traumatized.]

"Tell us what to do, Sir.




Voice Mail: Darren West to Wes Jackson; January 7, 2007

"Wes. You're doing great Wes, I appreciate it. The Seneschal's order is the will of the Prince, thank you.

"Does Vale have video of everything that happened in the basement? Tell him to prepare it for me, and that I will be viewing it soon.

"Wes, I don't want you to think about this anymore, it will be fine. Tell Vale that I want him to leave me a message describing in more detail what he has seen. And don't forget I want to see those video tapes."



Voice Mail: Brian Vale to Darren West; January 7, 2007

[Brian Vale calls you. He seems very shaken and upset.]


"Jackson told me you wanted me to call and tell you what was going on. I... I don't want to look at the footage again. I mean... God... they're still DYING! I have to see enough as it is... I...

"My description is going to be a little fuzzy.

"Last Elysium Sheriff McCoy, Keeper Assara, and Harpy Xerices brought a man to Elysium. He had a hood over his head and was cuffed. I... I think his name is Bernard... I don't know.

"Anyhow, they chained and cuffed him to a chair in... the room. McCoy started talking to him... saying something about being in the Navy, asking about somebody named Jack... Jack Knight. I remember that name. He said something about Jack being responsible for somebody's death... a friend's.

"Midway through, McCoy slit open Bernard's pant leg and pulled out a little torch of some kind, but he didn't touch him, he just tried to look intimidating. And then... then whatever it was started.

"Bernard started screaming... and I mean... McCoy didn't touch him and... and he just kept screaming.

"And then a phone call or something happened or something, and then Mr. Brighton, and Harpy Xerices and... and I think it was that girl who never wears any clothing... the one with the snake... they brought in Jack. I figured out it was Jack pretty quick.

"Jack was all burned and covered in blood. Brighton didn't look so great either. They chained him up same as Bernard and McCoy started asking questions again.

"I don't know what happened! I honestly don't.... I... They kept acting like someone else was in the room. They kicked the girl out and Auberon told Lucas not to stand in the way of something.... and then they left...except McCoy.

"Anyhow, Seneschal Richardson came in, and then Jack starts talking and he didn't really say much and McCoy seemed upset and said that they were going to die horribly and that he wasn't going to do it and that he was sorry or something... and then... I think something happened. I don't know. McCoy got angry and told Richardson to "get out and then get out." It was confusing.

"McCoy said something about people getting attached to people or something, and then Jamal brings in a cheeseburger? I forget. I...

"See... this isn't the bad part yet. McCoy seemed all upset, and Jack started screaming like Bernard, but... yeah... they fell to the floor and McCoy said something like that he was sorry again and locked them in.

"I don't know what's happening.

"They just kept screaming... and I can't tell what it was. Something in that room was... oh God... it IS killing them.

"They kept thrashing around like something's punching them. There's blood on the walls and... and I can't even tell them apart anymore. They just kept screaming...

"They should be dead. They just... I don't know what's happening. I keep hoping they're dead and then one of them blinks and it starts again.

"I'm sorry I've lost my composure, Sir. I just... even under Evans I never saw anything like this. I...

"I want to help them. They might be dead now though. I...

[Brian starts to sob.]

"I'm sorry I don't know how to deal with this! Please stop it...



Voice Mail: Darren West to Brian Vale; January 7, 2007


"I am so sorry. If you can, please do not view the security tapes again. If you can, lock it down under code so that no one can access them except you and me. If you can keep the security tapes rolling and recording that would be best, but I don't need you monitoring them.

"I will take care of this, thank you Brian.

"I'm sorry."



Voice Mail: Brian Vale to Darren West; January 7, 2007

[Phone call from Vale. He sounds somewhat relieved, but still pretty shaken up.]

"Sir... thank you. I... I still don't know what's going on, but the tapes are safe.

"Something I thought I should mention, Sir. I... after he left... McCoy seemed pretty beaten up. He collapsed in the bathroom and started vomiting blood. It wasn't on the main tape for the room though... I forgot. I thought I should mention it.

"Thank you again.




Voice Mail: Darren West to Sam McCoy; January 7, 2007

"Mr. McCoy,

"We have a lot of things to talk about but we can't talk about them all at once. If you still respect my authority as Prince, which I assume that you do, then you will follow my orders exactly.

"First, unless there is a very good reason for our two prisoners to be suffering, then you will end their suffering either by removing its source or by killing them.

"Secondly, you will send me a detailed report of all that you were involved with Friday night, undoctored, without any spins. I want facts.

"I expect a response as soon as possible. You have till dawn to respond, then I take the matter of the prisoners into my own hands.

"That is all Sheriff. Congratulations on securing Motley and Knight."



Voice Mail: Darren West to Emmanuel James Richardson; January 7, 2007

"My Seneschal,

"Please replace the sign that marks no entry into the basement under Seneschal orders with a sign that says so under 'Order of the Prince'. This include you, Emmanuel. For now, no one enters."



Voice Mail: Emmanuel James Richardson to Darren West; January 7, 2007

"Your Majesty, As you command."



Voice Mail: Sam McCoy to Darren West; January 8, 2007

[McCoy sounds more than a little miserable and a little less than a lot drunk. He speaks very... slowly... in what seems like an effort to be more sober.]


"'m not a killer... gotta have Haldor do it maybe when he gets back. I got enough blood on my... my hands. S'rry. Can't help those guys at alll.

"Here's what happened.

"So we're all ready to go at six, 'cept Auberon 'smissing. Turns out he went to Lucas by mistake and Sabbat was there. But he got away and he was late. So we are headin' out the door at six thirty to go to Motley's house, but Richardson stopped me. Started talkin' bout some neonate who needed some shit or another, but I already fuckin' told him what I was busy with. So I told 'im again that neonates are less 'mportant than hunters and such. Then we left.

"We go in the car and get dressed up kinda like SWAT people with masks... oh yeah it was Auberon and Assara and me. We busted down his door and got him. He was on the phone with Jack. We took him back to our building for questions.

"He was scared the whole time. Basically I already knew all I needed from him 'cept where Jack is. He didn't know but knew that he was goin' after Lucas to be able to find Jones and Haldor. He thought they killed his girlfriend Joy at the library. He knew they were outta town too. Pretty scary. I was startin' to feel kinda down 'cuz I knew what I had to do and I really didn't wanna get to this point. But I needed to get Jack or everyone would be in danger. So I was gonna call him up with Motley's phone and burn Motley with a little torch to try an get Jack to come outta the woodwork.

"Well I call him and imagine my surprise when Lucas answers the phone. Turns out Jack found him and there was a little fight, but Jack lost. He was still alive though so Auberon went there and helped keep him alive and bring him back. Finally we had both of them and I said that everyone else should leave 'cuz no one should have to see this kind of thing but I had to. It's my job. This was like eight thirty or so by then.

"So I was talkin' to them both and it was pretty rough. Motley was sad 'cuz he was sure he was gonna die, and he wanted a cheeseburger. So when Assara came by later to check on things I asked if he could get one. He forgot about it for a while but he came through in the end.

"I was gettin' useful stuff about Rafael and Ferdinand, the two other guys that we need to get. Richardson came in and started undressing Jack with his eyes and the whole room kinda stopped while he stalked around like a weirdo. Then Jack spit at him and he snapped out of it or something. Then he sat down and just sort of sat there starin'. Sometime in here he started usin' telepathy on me for some reason.

"'K so it gets complicated here. Jack somehow can figure out when people are usin' telepathy, so he found out that someone spooky was usin' it on him, and I was usin' it on him, and Richardson was usin it on me. So I got pretty pissed off and told him he had to leave. Then I asked him what the hell he was doing interfering with my interrogation anyway. He didn't wanna answer and left pretty soon to have court. So it was like nine thirty now.

"I got all the stuff I needed. They really killed a lot of people. On top of what we know about, they killed a guy called Friedrik fon Sonderhosen, um Cassandra Zanatosa, 'Fluffy', and a few others. I got 'em all in my notes.

"So I felt really bad 'cuz they were beggin' for their life. Jack wanted his medal thing that he uses to kill people so he could have dignity but that was unacceptable. I left the cheeseburger and unlocked Motley's hands then I left the room and locked it. It was about nine forty.

"Later Richardson wanted to ask me some more questions but I felt shitty enough already so I told him to fuck off.

"Listen... I'm real s'rry if I let you down. I never want to do that but I really can't even tell you how hard it is to do this job. I don't wanna disappoint you and I want to help you succeed and be Prince however I can.

"I... well I guess I'll see ya later.




Voice Mail: Darren West to Sam McCoy; January 8, 2007

[West sounds calm, at least to start. ]


"You didn't disappoint me. You have done well and you will be rewarded. I am sorry that I caught you at a bad time.

"When you have collected your thoughts I want you to call me and tell me two things.

"First, do we need the prisoners alive for anything else?

"Two, what was done to the prisoners, exactly?

[in a comforting tone...]

"McCoy, sometimes things get rough, but you are my Sheriff because I knew you could get rough and keep on going. There are several monsters of problems right on the trail of these ones that we just finished, and I need you at your best to help me deal with them.

"I like you McCoy, I do, and I am sorry that you and Richardson aren't getting along well because in my mind both of you are going to be sticking around indefinitely with me as Prince.

"Just keep your head low and let me know if the prisoners need to stay alive. If not, I will have them taken care of.

[a slight pause, and in a tone that sounds like it trying to be convincing...]

"These are the people that killed Bojan, and others, like you said.

"They aren't worth crying for."



Voice Mail: Sam McCoy to Darren West; January 10, 2007

[McCoy sounds a great deal better, although not 100%. He is somewhat more soft-spoken and not so much with the common "sarcastic jackass" tone of voice.]

"Prince West.

"I'm feeling better now. Here's the answers you are looking for.

"I have everything I need from Motley and Knight. You are right. They should get put out of their misery.

"About what was done to them. This is a hard one to answer well. The short and safe version is that they were spiritually and psychologically tortured.

"The long version is that an astral manifestation of former Sheriff Lillian Greer tortured them and intends to kill them. She is doing as revenge for Bojan Petrov. That was the arrangement. I helped set it up so that she could do this, and she helped me find them. She gave me the casebreaker – I was dead in the water after Christine got put away and McCallister disappeared. She gave me Joy Kamigawa. That lead me to Motley, who lead me to Jack. She killed Joy to get at him, which also unexpectedly helped. Jack was so fucked up over that, that he went after Lucas personally, and alone. He walked right into our hands. I really think it would be a bad idea for all of this to become public knowledge.

"The next target is Rafael Marcos, aka Ruy de Castro. I believe that Greer will not care about this person, since information extracted from Jack Knight indicates that Rafael was not present at Bojan Petrov's murder. I expect no interference and no help from her. We have enough information on Rafael to plan an operation.

"I'm sorry that Richardson and I aren't getting along too. Seemed like things had started off so well between us, way back when. He wanted to take Jones down a few notches, which seemed like a good idea to me at the time. He was pretty forthright and reasonable about things. Something happened to change this. I'm sure that at least part of it was that I tend to be a dick when the stress builds up and he got some of that.

"He's also doing some things to cause problems between us.

"He is still going after Jones. Okay, we are past the time when this is useful, and it has just become childish. It's causing problems for the domain and for me personally.

"I'm pretty sure he holds it against me that I am with Tremere, and I suspect he will never like or trust me.

"Here's the biggest problem. So, I'm not good at his job, whatever that is. Politics I guess. I don't interfere with him doing it. From what I have seen, he is completely inept at my job, but it seems like he wants to stick his nose in it every chance he gets.

[Pauses for a moment. Begins speaking again, with sharp-edged intensity.]

"Breaking into my head in the middle of an extremely difficult interrogation was the last straw. That's just too much. For security and intelligence, I have in the past made selective use of telepathy in Elysium on unwitting targets. But never, never on an upstanding member of the Camarilla, and especially never for my own personal gain. I don't know if you were aware of this, but he has made numerous obvious uses of telepathy in Elysium – once on the Primogen of Nosferatu. This is an embarrassment. I haven't spoken up before because it's politics -- not my job – but it really turns me off and I think that in people's eyes it reflects poorly on you. If I wanted to fuck around and get ahead with my Primogen, I would be in that obsequious fucker's head all god damn day. I wouldn't be here telling you what I suspect he's up to against Jones; I would be laying out exactly what he's doing and planning with all the shabby details, and I would have told Jones about it yesterday. But I have a duty to you and to the Camarilla that has stopped me from even considering this.

[Pauses again. There is the sound of a slow exhale of breath. Then, enthusiastically]

"When are you getting in to town? Do you need a ride? I can set that up if you want and we can talk - [hesitates for a moment, almost like he's testing to see how it sounds if he ends the sentence that way] - about … important matters. Like, uhh, well those monsters of problems you mentioned. [Cheerfully] Oh and that reminds me. Good news. We managed to steal all of Layla Reese's liquid assets, to the tune of just over $300,000.

"Well, see you later."



Voice Mail: Darren West to Sam McCoy; January 12, 2007

[West sounds normal.]

"McCoy, kill the prisoners. I do not mind if you get someone else to do it. I don't want them to be alive when I get back.

[Pause, as if West isn't totally convinced of what he just said.]

"Uh. Yes.


"I am incredibly shocked to hear about Lillian Greer's involvement in any of this. You should have included me in this circle of information. How many others know? The fact that others know and I don't upsets me McCoy, but I am sure you have a good explanation for why I was left out of the loop.

"We will talk more about Lillian Greer when I return. I will be back for next Elysium, we can talk then.

"You are producing great results. Once we have finished with the hunters, I hope we can turn this productivity to the Sabbat. Good to hear about Layla's assets. I look forward talking to you about how we will go about taking down the Sabbat as we are systematically taking down the hunters.

"Perhaps I should have made it more explicitly clear, but I told you to convey everything to Richardson so that he could wield executive control. He had all the powers of the Prince during my short absence. You did not comply. Whether or not you feel comfortable with giving Richardson information, at the time your offense is comparable to withholding information from me, The Prince himself, which is something you know I would not tolerate.

"Your perception of whether Richardson trusts you matters less than the fact that I do trust you, and I hope the fact that you are with Tremere doesn't ever have to come up interfering with our pursuits for the Camarilla.

"I appreciate you alerting me to Richardson's use of telepathy on several high ranking Camarilla officials. However, at those times he was under my explicit authority to do so. As Seneschal in the absence of the Prince, he also had the authority to enter your mind, despite perhaps the poor judgment and timing to do so. He relates to me that you were being incredibly unhelpful and uncooperative and that he was concerned with what events were transpiring that had repercussions on the New York Camarilla at large. When he felt you were not providing him with full information, then he exercised his judgment to obtain that information.

"I would appreciate it if you do not spread your opinions of Richardson, whatever exactly they may be. Like you said, politics aren't your job. If you do this favor for me, then I will give you my personal assurances that Richardson will not enter your mind again unless emergency situations arise. Nonetheless, you must give me assurances that you will respect his authority as Seneschal.

"Richardson may appear a little slimy at times, but I believe that he has genuineness in his character. He took a huge set of risks for me once, that, although they turned out successful, were in all reality seriously precarious. Life threatening. I owe him for that. I owe him the benefit of the doubt that he trusts me and respects me as Prince because he put his life in danger to assure that happening.

"He has his own way of doing things sometimes, Mr. McCoy, but Richardson believes in the Camarilla like you and I. He told to me his honest vision of the Camarilla in New York as a strong net of control with me at the head of the ship, and it was a beautiful vision that New York must strive for. I need people working for me that honestly believe in that vision and that honestly believe in me. And I need many of them, not just one or two. I will continue to work to coordinate you and Richardson working under me and doing whatever I can to facilitate this. I need you both. I need a united and strong Camarilla. The bickering and confusion that happens amongst those under me is a serious distraction and flaw in my Princeship and I will work tirelessly to patch up all of those cracks and leaks, even as they continue to form. I need advisers and officers who are helping me patch up those leaks and cracks, not working to form them.

"Jones and I go a ways back McCoy. When I sat on the Primogen council with him, he was a bitter political enemy of another Primogen on the council, who happened to be a good friend and a trusted political council of mine. The disagreements of these two Primogen turned into a clan-wide feud that greatly impeded the success of the Camarilla to any extent. I was put at great personal strife to think about having to side with one or the other of these Primogen, but the Prince did nothing to work to amend this feud. Tragedy struck to end the personal feud between the two Primogen, and I was forced to move forward.

"I will not tolerate any personal enemies or feuds between two members of my already incredibly weak and fragile and thinly populated Camarilla here in New York. Every body is important and useful. We must be untied in our visions and work together as much as possible. Despite the fact that Jones and I had a great personal history together, he betrayed that trust we had when I put him in the position of choosing between me and the obviously corrupt Prince Evans. I almost met my final death, McCoy, and Jones would have been directly responsible for that.

"Inevitably over the last six months things between Jones and I have been delicate. But I would be a hypocrite to not try to move on from the past and to try to hold up barriers or grudges. Jones lost the status and then some that Evans granted to him for supporting Evans in the fact of controversy. But Jones has been not unhelpful, or spiteful, for the most part. And I appreciate that.

"Richardson may have his own opinions of certain members of the Camarilla, of Clan Tremere and of Jones. But do not be fooled, that just because he is twenty times more vocal and obvious about his opinions, that I do not have opinions of my own, strengthened one-hundred times over, infallible to what anyone might hope to change about them. Richardson is a good Seneschal. He supports me unquestionably, knows his way around the political arena, covers my back, and respects my authority. When I want his opinion, I ask for it. When he wants to give it to me, I usually let him. I ask you now McCoy, to respect my will and vision and strength as the ruler of this domain enough so that you do not fear that Richardson's faults compromises my person.

"I will not let you down."



Voice Mail: Sam McCoy to Darren West; January 12, 2007

"All right. I'll make sure the prisoners are... the way you want them.

"Sir, I told you about Dr. Greer months ago. I remember it clearly because she told me to stop. Not much happened with her between then and the last time you and I were together until the very end of that evening when things started happening very quickly. I'm sorry. I just haven't had the chance to give you an update briefing until now.

"You know about Dr. Greer, I know, Mr. Xerices knows, and Lucas knows. Auberon knows because he had a personal relationship with her and deduced things after the fact, not because of me, and Lucas knows because he has spirit magic. You are the only person I have told. Nobody else knows. I didn't even tell the people working with me to capture the hunters, even though it was directly relevant and they repeatedly asked.

"Hey, we should probably talk about whatever we need to talk about her now, while she's busy.

"I don't talk about Richardson to people. And you're right, it doesn't really matter whether he trusts me, but if it's true that he is going after Jones and it keeps going and you give it a pass, well, damnit eventually it's really gonna put me in a bind. If he backs off then things can get handled internally and quietly without any problems, but if he keeps it up my Clan will have no choice but to circle the wagons. There's only so much face losing they will take.

"Politics... isn't my job. I have to give you the intelligence on the ground, though, and that is that Mr. Richardson is widely disliked. People think it's bad enough when he's abusing telepathy on a Primogen in Elysium, but the thing that happened in the Sebau makes people think that he's inept at it. That kind of thing happens and people lose respect for you too. I suggest that w–... I don't want that to happen.



Voice Mail: Darren West to Sam McCoy; January 17, 2007

"Mr. McCoy, I appreciate your concern on all matters. I duly note them. Thank you.

"For now, let's focus on finishing off these hunters and then turning our attention to the Sabbat. I would like to bring everyone in more into the loop as to what has been happening with the hunters, if you feel that that is okay. I want to promote the sharing of information, and the coordination of resources. Therefore, if I may, I would like you to give a short presentation and recapitulation of all that has happened with the hunters so far, and what will happen next to me, my Seneschal, and the Primogen council, this Friday. I would like to make this information public. I also think that if you make note of any possible resources that might help you in your tasks, you will find willing and able clans and individuals to help you.

"I remember now you telling me of Greer's presence, but I either forgot or did not realize that you were working in collaboration with her, or... um... it. In all respects, I do not trust Greer, even if she has been helpful. I am glad that she has aided you in your task, but I implore you to deal with her cautiously. I am thankful that I haven't heard from her directly about any of this. She feels tied to Bojan's memory, as do I, but she was incestuously inseparable from Bojan's ultimate fate within the Camarilla and as an individual. Anything she gets involved with is in danger of her warped sense of right and wrong. Be careful, and do not give her spirit any indication that she is a member of this Camarilla or that I personally want her around.

"That said. make sure you don't piss her off either.

"Other than that I do not have much to say about Greer. I would want to know what your future intentions and most recent communications and interactions with her have been.

"Do you have any plans for this Friday regarding the hunters or your other Camarilla duties that I should know about?

"Talk to you soon."



Voice Mail: Sam McCoy to Darren West; January 17, 2007

"Prince West.

"I'm happy to brief people about the hunters. This Friday could be okay. One thing. I've been having Rafael followed for the past week, and unless he does something wildly unpredictable, my plan is to capture him on Friday. My personal opinion is that this should be given a higher priority than a briefing, and if there is need to choose between the two, I request permission to choose the former. The resources available to the team that's been put together to handle the hunters should be enough, with one possible exception. When we took Detective Motley, we busted down the door and went in there with guns and handcuffs ourselves. I think this is too risky for Camarilla people to be doing all the time, so I'd prefer to be able to send in a handful of human beings to go and get Rafael this time. Do we have human beings working for us that would be able to handle this?

"Believe me, I have gotten a very good education about Dr. Greer recently. I believe I know what I'm getting into, and you don't need to worry about a few things: she has no interest in talking to you or anyone else for that matter and certainly doesn't want to call herself a member of the Camarilla. My future intent... I'm going to capture Rafael. Then I'll lay into him until he tells me where Ferdinand is or until Ferdinand pops his head up to get me to stop. Then Dr. Greer will kill Ferdinand, and she may just fade away.

"That is all of the official stuff I believe will be happening.

"Hey, I was wondering. What kinds of things have you been up to outside of work? Believe me, you have to have a life away from it. How about we go bowling sometime?"



Voice Mail: Darren West to Sam McCoy; January 17, 2007

"If we need to choose between a briefing and a capture, of course the capture is okay. Perhaps we could plan the capture early in the evening, then if everything goes according to plan you could provide the most up-to-date briefing to me and Primogen later in the evening."

"As far as humans we have to tap into there are a few options. There are several ghouls of various members that may or may not be suited for the task. A probably safer and less personal option is to manipulate use police forces. I believe the Camarilla could recruit enough contacts to assemble a decent task-force. This force could be assembled under-the-table to bring in your man, and then to hand him over to us.

"I sure hope that your man can lead us to the last guy, otherwise we will be on a cold trail again.

"If we need to arrange this task force, let me know. Nonetheless, I think that you, Jamal, Roske, and me would be more formidable than any task force we might construct with mortals.

"Let me know.

"Oh, and um... yeah I will think about the bowling."


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