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The Story of Absimilliard

September 10, 2007

as told by Everett Miles, Childe of Constance the Grey, Childe of Mother Stryx, Descendent of Nosferatu

As the legends go, there once was a man - a great hunter and trapper. His name is given sometimes as Absimilliard, or sometimes as Nosferatu, in honor of the line he founded. (This latter name seems unlikely, given the etemology of the word from the Greek 'Nosphroros' [plague-bearer] which developed centuries after the time this myth would have taken place.)

In any event, all manner of stories are told of Absimilliard's strength, speed, and cunning. It is said that he could run down a horse, that he could out wrestle a lion, and that he could track any animal that lived on the earth so long as they still walked upon it.

Apparently he was also among the most handsome of men in that time (contrary to the Clan he eventually Sired), and from this he grew vain and arrogant.

One evening, Absimilliard was hunting, when he came upon a stunningly beautiful woman. This woman was Zillah - beloved of Caine. Upon seeing her, he was filled with an insatiable and unrelenting lust for her, and vowed to track her down and have her for his own.

Thus he did. He followed her, as silently as he was able to, across the plains where he lived. After he had stalked her for a hundred days and a hundred nights - she lay down to rest in a great cave.

Absimilliard never caught a second glipse of her in all this time, having only her footprints to follow as he stole after her. When at last he came to the cave and saw her sleeping forms she woke, and turning to look upon the man crouched over her, she smiled.

Looking at last upon Zillah again, Absimilliard stood frozen.

In his hesitation, Zillah struck - faster than a thunderclap and more ferocious than a storm. Absimilliard was taken off guard and barely managed to strike a blow against her before he was dashed against the walls of the cavern his handsome and strong body broken.

The blow he struck, however, landed square in her breast, and ever so slightly grazed the substance of her heart. For all her power and age, Zillah felt a pang of mortality at this, and realized that of all mankind, Absimmiliard had come closest to besting her.

Perhaps because she was impressed, or because of some unknown impulse or whim, she Embraced the fallen hunter. Before she did so, however, She broke his spear in twain and with the sharp end of this she struck his face. Forever after, Absimilliard bore a scar in reminder of what his lust and pride had earned him.

As a Cainite, Absimilliard carried on in much the same way as he had as a mortal. He hunted.

Now, however, he hunted with a strength a thousand times greater than an man, with a presence that no creature could see, and with a command of every beast that had lived in fear of him prior.

Now he also hunted men, of course.

In spite of his new power, he never forgave Zillah for what she had done, and vowed that he would destroy her someday. To this end he waited, and Embraced to him a brood of seven other hunters to join him when the time came. He secured their loyalty through the blood bond, and set the to be ready when he would face Zillah again.

When the night came on which he attacked her a second time, however, he faired no better than the first time. She once more laid him low and his brood was scattered. Angered at his continued presumption, Zillah called upon Caine for his aid.

Caine listened to his paramour's story and laid a curse on Absimilliard. Forever from that night his body and the bodies of all his brood grew disfigured and hideous to behold. He was forever now, physically marked as being apart from not only man, but from every other childe of Caine as well.

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