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Marcus Fratello Giovanni; November 17, 2008


Stealth x 5

Goal: Profiling the Sabbat

Purchases: Map of New York City; package of multicolored place markers (little round red, yellow, & green stickers for the map)

Last game, in a closed session with Brody, I learned more about the Sabbat pack present in the city than I'd learned all year. He gave us names, descriptions, and personalities f the known members. He talked about the past incidents they're responsible for. He talked about the incidents that they're suspected of being involved in.

Marcus is going to take this information and begin profiling the Sabbat pack in the city. He does not have every bit on information on them, but from Brody's intel, he actually has more to go on than he would in most ordinary serial killer cases (if one can call any serial killer case "ordinary"). The way Marcus figures, Sabbat members behave very much like serial killers, complete with rituals and trophies and psychological triggers that can push them to kill, so his past experience in profiling serial killers will come in handy. Also, serial killers are the least human of the people he's ever had to profile. They are what happens when a human completely loses touch with his humanity and becomes a predator with the instincts of a beast: essentially, Sabbat, as far as Marcus understands them.

First, the map: mark down the locations of all known & confirmed incidents of violence related to the Sabbat with red tags. Mark suspected but unconfirmed incidents in yellow. Mark sightings of suspected or confirmed members of the pack in green. All marks will be numbered, with notes elaborating the details of what they mark. With this, Marcus is looking for a pattern, or perhaps a radius of activity. In a separate action, I have initialized a Streets x2 action to try to get reports of the Bat/Gorilla/Wolf man. I'll add markers in green for any reports of him that I deem reasonably reliable.

Second: the members

Brody told us what he knows about Saint, Angel and the Lusha, who he had the opportunity to interrogate. He also spoke of the very creepy Malkavian member, Zappelphllip. We have descriptions of at least two other members from the church bus wreck & kidnapping. I am going to write down as many details as we have on these individuals, then correlate the personality details with known actions (such as sneaking a quick bite off of one of the kids from the bus crash, despite the impression that this was against the plan). From this, I will apply my knowledge of psychology & criminal profiling to create a profile that will allow us to analyze their motivations and to predict their future actions with reasonable accuracy. I will have been working on this since last session & I want to have a dossier to present to Brody this coming game.

Influence Response:

You've made your map. The number of violent incidents for the past year is actually QUITE limited - Vontaug Industries on Staten Island, the Toreador Primogen kidnapping from her apartment in Manhattan and her subsequent torture in a warehouse in the Bronx, the creation of a set of shovelheads (Petey and company) in Staten Island, and the disappearance of the church bus, and a wide variety of other suspected dealings.

What you do notice, pattern-wise, is that these people don't seem to be the serial-killer type (although they themselves might be terrifying in that serial-killer kind of way). Or rather, they aren't going around killing people for shits and giggles, with the exception of the bus incident. As a group, they seem to be very well-coordinated and with clear objectives in mind. Individually, there's no telling what they've actually done with any verifiability.

Beasts though they may be, rational, trained beasts they are. Their strikes have been orchestrated with one goal in mind - the destruction or destabilization of strong blocs of power. Whoever is manipulating the pack must have some STRICT discipline in maintaining their members.

Some personal tidbits:

SAINT, who was responsible for the torture of Anastasia Rothe. From what you've gotten, he seems the most likely one to break line and do things for his own pleasure. Viewing the movie another time certainly helps.

LUSHA, the ductus. Brash, haughty, decisive - and the ductus of the pack. As Primogen Rothe, she also exhibited these traits, making Rothe an even bigger bitch than she was before.

ZAPPELPHILLIP, the music-obsessed Malkavian. He seems like a lackey-figure, from what you can tell. You're not sure what else he wants to do besides listen to his music, to be quite fair.

ANGEL, whom you have the least information regarding. He's probably the mastermind-type figure working behind the shadows.

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