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This page contains various in character documents, letters, notes, and other cool stuff from UnMasqued's history.

Spelling/grammar has been corrected and references to real world persons have been obfuscated where appropriate. Should you be the author of any of these documents and wish them removed, contact theominouslg AT unmasqued DOT com.



Voice Mails

  • Non Serviam: A few weeks before her death, Lillian suffers a breakdown while responding to an unexpected phone call from Darren West. [April 16-18, 2006]

  • 'M Not a Killer: Sam McCoy tries to explain to Prince West what is happening in the Lillian Greer Memorial Conference Room and how Richardson made a bad interrogation even worse. [January 7-17, 2006]

  • It Really Makes You Feel Like a Puppet: McCoy brings news of Petrov's recovery, only to discover West won't be returning to New York. Auberon and Roske are also informed of the Prince's predicament. [February 3-15, 2007]

  • You're Very Clever for Being Able to Read the Newspaper: Ash Gently tries to explain things to the federal hunters [February 11, 2008]

  • Hostage Situation: Brody and Ash attempt to get in contact with Sheriff Petrov on what proves to be the worst Valentine's Day ever [February 14, 2008]

  • Somebody or Something Named Roman: Cassandra and Danny arrange for a second date to discuss a very special recipient of the Camarilla's special eyelid treatment. Prince Wright cautions discretion. [November 22-25, 2008]

  • Favorite Colors: Cassandra and Whit discuss favorite colors, Pangloss' jerkwadery, and the mysterious death of Jennifer Preston. [February 15-26, 2009]

  • I'll Fix This: Cassandra and Quintin try to look for leads into what caused the death of Jennifer Preston. [February 23-26, 2009]

E-Mails, Schreck-NET and Other Digital Media

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  • Thank You Mr. Gently!!!!: [IMG] An imaginative picture draw by Amanda Jenkins to thank Ash Gently for saving her life. [May 2007]

  • Ash Gently: [IMG] A photograph of New York's finest Nosferatu detective which was stolen from his office by Pisces after his death. [December 10, 2008]

  • Contents of Alice's Camera: [IMG] A series of photographs found on Alice Walker's phone following her murder by Constantine Smith (01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19)

Narrative Fiction

Storyteller Documents

  • Outline for the Chicago Conclave: [PDF] An edited compilation of notes and scripting the STs used in presenting the Conclave in Chicago to determine the cause of Prince West's death. It notably lacks any notes on what to do should a PC frenzy, get past any and all Archons/Justicars, and proceed to beat the everloving hell out of a witness. [February 2007]

  • Outline for the Halifax Conclave: [PDF] Notes and scripting that the STs used in presenting the Conclave in Halifax to determine Bojan Petrov's guilt or innocence as regarded the death of Hadrian Evans. [April 2008]


  • The Journal of Henry Goldinch: The journal of an English Gangrel chronicling his slow descent toward the final frenzy. [2004 - 2006]

  • Coroner's Report for Joy Kamigawa: [PDF] A standard coroner's report regarding Joy Kamigawa, a close friend and potential love interest of church hunter, Jack Knight. [December 9, 2006]

  • Price List: [PDF] A summary of various services Pisces billed for while abroad in Europe. [September 10, 20086]

  • Not Getting Any Deader Than You Find Yourself Currently!: A handy lecture authored by Eugene "Brody Day Jackson" Wright to illustrate the various perils of Kindred-hood to those under his Accounting.. [October 10, 2008]

  • The Last Will and Testament of Ash Gently: A document Ash drafted almost immediately after being made Sheriff of the Camarilla and almost immediately before dying. Instructions for its delivery were outline in a note to his secretary, Stephen. [April 14, 2008]

  • The Firewar Song: tRix, fourteen-year-old lead singer of the band Nosfyratu and recipient of the Embrace on a bad bet, composes a tribute to his favorite Tremere Scourge. [November 2007]

  • Cassandra/Columna's Total Insanity Deck: The twenty-six custom derangements (thirteen for each personality) that one could draw should Cassandra use Total Insanity on you.

  • I Really Like the Cam: An Anarch protest song, written to the tune of Brad Will's "I Really Like the Cops." [April 2010]

  • Stanley McDaniel and the Wulver: This was a story written for a Gangrel NPC to give the player character, Duff O'Connal, a lead as to the origins of his Sire. Sadly, it never was told in game. [September 9, 2010]


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