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If the myths are to be believed, Caine, the infamous biblical fratricide and first vampire, sired a number of progeny after receiving his curse. These childer, known as the Second Generation, then went on to sire childer of their own. It is this generation, the third (known also as the Antediluvians) who were the progenitors of the thirteen clans present in modern vampiric society. It is said that they rebelled against their sires and devoured them, consuming their souls. Caine, in response to this vile act, cursed them and set upon each one a unique frailty. To this day, every Cainite descended from any particular one of these ancients shares the frailty of his founder as well as having similar abilities and attitudes to his clanmates.

Of the thirteen clans native to the modern nights, six (Ventrue, Brujah, Malkavian, Tremere, Toreador, and Nosferatu) swear allegiance to the Camarilla, two (Lasombra and Tzimisce) to the Sabbat, four (Assamite, Giovanni, Gangrel, Setite) choose to tend their own affairs without the benefit of Sect and one (Ravnos) has recently slipped into near oblivion.

Members of any of the above clans who chose to ally themselves against the sect to which their clanmates traditionally hold allegiance are referred to as antitribu meaning "against the tribe". For a rough break down: Ventrue antitribu, Brujah antitribu, Malkavian antitribu, Toreador antitribu, Nosferatu antitribu, Gangrel antitribu, Assamite antitribu and the Serpents of Light (Setite antitribu) are all allied with the Sabbat, contrary to their clan's general position as either Camarilla-supporting or independent. The Lasombra antitribu, unlike their bretheren in the Sabbat, claim allegiance to the Camarilla.

From these thirteen primary clans, several strange and bizarre offshoots have also branched off, which may differ greatly from their parent clan. Members of these Bloodlines, as they are called, are rare and seldom encountered. Included in this listing for your perusal are the Caitiff and Panders, the Daughters of Cacophony, the Samedi, and the Salubri antitribu.

There are, in actuality, more bloodlines within the scope of canon. However, as none of these more obscure lines have ever or are ever likely to come into play as PCs in UnMasqued, they have been omitted from this listing.

For more information about any particular clan or bloodline in the game and its members in New York, consult one of the Clan Pages below.

The Clans

The Assamites. A predatory clan of assassins with a penchant for Kindred vitae. Also known as the Clan of the Hunt.


The Brujah. Descended from the former philosopher kings of old, this clan is now associated with rebellion and social change. Sometimes referred to as The Learned Clan; more often referred to as Rabble.


The Gangrel. A nomadic and animalistic clan who have recently left the company of the Camarilla. Also known as the Clan of the Beast or Outlanders.


The Giovanni. As much a family as a clan, these insular necromancers are quick to amass wealth and power. Also known as the Clan of Death.


The Lasombra. The rulers and creators of the Sabbat who control the substance of shadows. Also known as the Clan of Night or the Keepers.


The Malkavians. A clan of hopelessly insane madmen who have a reputation as seers and visionaries. Also known as the Clan of the Moon or quite simply Kooks.


The Nosferatu. A disfigured group of survivors and sewer-dwellers who have a reputation for acquiring information. Also known as the Clan of the Hidden.


The Setites. The worshippers of a long dead God who are noted for their ability to corrupt. Also known as the Clan of the Serpent or Sand-Snakes. Can also summon Sebau, which are mightily awesome.


The Ravnos. Until recent nights, the Ravnos stood as one of the thirteen major clans. Now, after having been nearly destroyed by the Week of Nightmares, members of this clan of rogues and wanderers are exceedingly rare and far between. Also known as Gypsies. Some antitribu also may exist in the Sabbat, but these are even less common than what remains of their independent brethren.


The Toreador. A clan of artists and aesthetes who seek beauty in the darkness of the unlife. Also known as Degenerates.


The Tremere. A highly hierarchical society of undead magicians with a fierce loyalty to their superiors. Referred to either as the Clan of the Usurper or as Warlocks.


The Tzimisce. A clan of scholars who make up the spiritual backbone of the Sabbat. They are noted for their bizarre ability to reform and shape flesh. Also known as Fiends or The Clan of Shapers.


The Ventrue. The aristocratic leaders of the Camarilla. Known as Bluebloods or as the Clan of Kings.

The Antitribu
Assamite Antitribu

The Assamite antitribu. Members of clan Assamite who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as the Angels of Caine.

Brujah Antitribu

The Brujah antitribu. Members of clan Brujah who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as Brutes.

Gangrel Antitribu

The Gangrel antitribu. Members of clan Gangrel who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as Hunters.

Lasombra Antitribu

The Lasombra antitribu. Members of clan Lasombra who ally themselves with the Camarilla.

Malkavian Antitribu

The Malkavian antitribu. Members of clan Malkavian who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as Freaks.

Nosferatu Antitribu

The Nosferatu antitribu. Members of clan Nosferatu who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as Creeps.

Serpents of the Light

The Serpents of the Light. A heretical group spawned from the Followers of Set which claims allegiance to the Sabbat, and rejects the traditional cosmology of Setite religion, believing instead in the story of Caine. Known also as Cobras.

Toreador Antitribu

The Toreador antitribu. Members of clan Toreador who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as Pervs or Perverts.

Ventrue Antitribu

The Ventrue antitribu. Members of clan Ventrue who ally themselves with the Sabbat. Known also as Crusaders.

The Bloodlines

The Caitiff. Not truly a clan but rather a generalized term for the clanless, those who by accident or thin blood have no clan. The outcasts of Kindred society.

Daughters of Cacophony

The Daughters of Cacophony. A bloodline rumored to be of either Toreador or Malkavian origin whose members all share a passion and talent for singing. Known also as Sirens.


The Panders. The vampires of the Sabbat who, like the Caitiff have no discernable lineage. Known also as Mutts.

Salubri Antitribu

The Salubri antitribu. While the original Salubri have all but vanished, these remnants of the clan's once proud warrior caste have resurfaced in the modern night. Persecuted as demonic soul-eaters for centuries, they hold a burning hatred for the Camarilla, and have recently joined the Sabbat in it's battle against it.


The Samedi. A grotesque blood whose visage resembles that of a shriveled corpse. Suspected to be descended from either the Nosferatu or Giovanni and referred to as either Stiffs or Zombies.


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