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Malcontents punks, rebels and revolutionaries of all stripes make up the ranks of the Brujah. Though the Brujah are certainly a motley rabble with no unifying agenda their rebellious actions, they back their ideals with fiery passion matched by few other vampires. Their elders are philosophers and teachers, well-versed in debate and oratory. Their youth are often passionately idealistic, from gangbangers who despise "the Man" to hackers and social workers. Whatever the cause, a Brujah will defend it to the doorstep of Hell.


Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Clan Advantage: One free dot of University, Street or Politics influence, with an accompanying dot of the Academics, Streetwise or Politics ability. Brujah also have the ability to attempt to instigate a Brujah "call to arms" and call for Clan solidarity within a city to solve a common problem.

Clan Disadvantage: Prone to violence. One Trait penalties on all Self-Control/Instinct tests.

Inactive Brujah PCs


Player: J. R.

Appearance: Ander first came to New York wearing the leather jacket, motorcycle and flippant attitude stereotypical of his Clan - in time, however, his experiences in the City bred a sort of roguish sense of honor in the young man, and he carried himself with a modicum of gravitas in his later nights.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Trickster

Sire: James Cooper

In Play: 2008 - 2010

Background: Ander grew up in Brooklyn during the 1950s, leading a somewhat delinquent -albeit not atypical- life as a youth. His over-concerned mother, fearful that her son's truancy would lead him to an ill end, tragically died in the crossfire of a gangland shooting while trying to locate him one night. Rattled deeply by her death, Ander left his family, taking off for California and eventually finding work as a stuntman in L.A. It was here he was Embraced at the age of twenty-one.

Years later, after his father's eventual heart attack and his sister's tragic murder during a carjacking, Ander returned to New York - now the only remaining (if not exactly "living") member of his family. Torn by the violence which had claimed so manner members of his family, the adrift young neonate decided to remain in the city - still haunted by the call of his long dead mother's voice.

As a PC: Ander entered Cainite society with little fanfare, finding his friends among other adrift neonates such as the rebellious Whit Brokehouse. Eager in the wake of Polyclef's various attacks to combat the Sabbat, the rowdy Brujah would prove eager to throw himself into combat.

In early 2009, Ander was involved in the destruction of a derelict building, whose collapse had been caused by him Potently taking out his frustrations at its supporting structures. In light of this near violation of the First Tradition, Prince Wright stripped him of his Acknowledgement, and he soon found himself under the tutledge of Clan Elder, Nicklaus von Metternich, who sought to help the troubled neonate to better channel his rage.

Helped greatly by von Metternich's wisdom, Ander was able to eventually regain his standing. He left the city, however, in the wake of Sheriff DaPaglia's discovery of the FBI's knowledge of vampire-kind, following a nasty incident in which he had been ensnared within the sewer systems by overzealous Nosferatu while he tried to hide there.


  • Ander's destruction of the building in 2009 was in reaction to an off color comment by "Pangloss," who had insinuated that he and a young Gangrel known as Vincent were in a homosexual relationship.


Player: Rebecca

Nature: Fanatic

Demeanor: Perfectionist

Sire: Zachary "Joven" Verditus

In Play: 2003 - 2004

Appearance: Icy and unflappable, Athena was a petite woman with an unyielding sense of decorum. Seldom betraying her emotions, the young Brujah desired greatly to avoid the ravages of her Clan's curse, and did her utmost to be unswayed by passion.

Background: Little is known about Athena's life as a mortal, although she eventually came under the Embrace of scholar Joven Verditus, who was taken by her stoic drive toward academic pursuits. He hoped that once his young protégé managed to subdue the ravages of her own beast that he and she could embark upon a numerological examination of Noddist texts together - although events ran as such that this sadly never came to fruition.

As a PC: Athena arrived in New York some time in 2003 and eventually rose to serve as the city's Keeper of Elysium under Prince Karamazov. Highly ethical and uncompromising, the Brujah was quick to admonish those who did not show the Court proper respect, and would often call foor boons to be extracted from those who sullied Elysium with profanity and low speech. Strangely, the greatest disruption when she oversaw affairs came from Sheriff Hadrian Evans, who launched a sudden and unprovoked attack upon her person during a fit brought on by the Malkavian Madness Network. Whilst Athena escaped largely unscathed, Prince Karamazov's later attempt to diablerize Evans would prove the end of her reign, eventually propelling Athena's own Sire briefly into the Princeship.

Later, Athena would regrettably meet her end at the hands of one Amadeo Giovanni, who kidnapped her and committed the Amaranth upon she was about to travel to London to accept a position at UCL. Grief over his childe's loss would eventually figure into Joven's decision to abandon the Camarilla - committing himself to the Sword of Caine as he pursued revenge.


  • In their shared haven, Joven and Athena utilized their oven as a storage space for additional books - not needing it for any other pupose. They would eventually recognize that they had grown somewhat estranged from their humanity and would purchase a pet goldfish in an attempt to reconnect with a mortal sense of empathy.


A.K.A.: "Nod"

Player: Nick

Appearance: A tall and unusually wiry Kindred, Petrov dressed in army boots and a ragged t-shirt. His public demeanor was cold and quiet, if not outright unfriendly, although he exuded a certain gruff charisma. He had often been observed in Elysium restlessly pacing or drumming his fingers on a table. When he spoke, it is laconically and with a thick accent.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Soldier

Sire: Arthur Smith

Birthdate: May 20, 1964 (Taurus)

In Play: 2004 - 2008

Theme Song(s): VNV Nation - Joy; Leftöver Crack - Soon We'll Be Dead; Nick Cave - Death is not the End

Quote: "I wish things could be different... although wishing has never done me any good before."

Background: Few details are known of Petrov's mortal days in Serbia, although he grew up extremely close to his younger brother, Dragan. When his sibling was assassinated on account of his outspoken political activism, Bojan vowed vengeance on his killer, a Giovanni named Vojislav. Not knowing that his Dragan's murderer ranked amoung the immortals, however, the young Petrov was beaten nearly to death in the altercation, although Vojislav, fascinated by the depths of his assailant's hate, allowed him to escape with his life.

Bojan was later Embraced into the Learned Clan and long numbered as an adherent of the Anarch movement, eventually moving to New York in 1994 where he fell in amidst Boss Callahan's Barony. Working as a cab driver, the neonate Brujah continued to search for any leads as to his brother's killer, hoping that the power of Caine's blood would enable him to best Vojislav should they meet again. Joining in the Camarilla's fight to overtake the city in 1997, Petrov would attract the attention of archon Johnny the Black, and traveled in his company for some years as hired muscle before returning to the city in 2004, as a newly Acknowledged member of the Camarilla.

As a PC: Unfortunately for Petrov, shortly after his return to New York he found himself a target of the increasingly paranoid Lillian Greer, a Malkavian philosophy professor who had run afoul of the city's Setites. Fearing that her political rival, Langston, was cultivating Petrov as a catspaw, the unstable woman took the initiative to partially blood bond Bojan to her person, attempting to erase his memory of events through use of Dominate. When she failed to completely wipe his recollection of events, the confused neonate sought action through his Primogen, Darren West who in turn petitioned Prince Evans to punish his wayward clanmate. The Prince sided with Greer, and there began a pronounced political rift between the Learned Clan and the Seers, with Petrov's clanmates doing their utmost to defend him from Lillian's machinations. It was during this time that Bojan became close to the outspoken Sarah Capone, before her eventual death at the hands of the Sabbat in 2005.

Unbenownst to Petrov, Evans did, in fact, believe his account of events, and sided with Greer that he might blackmail her into serving his interests, having partially bound her to himself. Chafing at such subservience, the arrogant Malkavian, now Sheriff of the Camarilla, went to the Brujah, half-confessing her actions and offering to drink Bojan's blood in return - thinking herself able to maintain the balance of power in a mutual blood oath with the simple-minded fighter. Petrov soon became her deputy and bodyguard, enforcing her often brutal orders, and often finding himself forced to participate in torture and murder as Greer's sociopathic nature began to show itself.

In the aftermath of West's failed praxis attempt in January of 2006, however, Petrov found himself precariously protected by Greer, who did her utmost to shield him from Evans' inquiries into his loyalty, despite the fact that she had been a key figure in West's removal. When news arrived that Vojislav was on the move in the city, Lillian agreed to help Bojan slay his fated enemy without the Prince's knowledge, flaunting the Sixth Tradition. This was the reason ultimately given for her uncermonious execution at Evans' hands.

Enraged by his bondmate's death, Petrov vowed vengeance against Evans and was one of several Kindred who helped to support West's return to New York and eventual seizure of the Princeship. Tragically, however, Petrov was unable to see the beginning of his friend and clanmate's reign. Incensed by the egregious Masquerade breaches perpetuated by the New York Sabbat, the Society of Leopold sent its agents into the city, and Petrov found himself targeted. Staked and nearly killed, his haven burned to the ground, the Cainite had the scant fortune of falling into the hands of Ferdinand St. John, a heretical member of the society who, overcome with guilt for his years of slaying the "damned," had come to believe in the possibility of their salvation. Isolating himself from his fellows, the bereft old man prayed over Bojan's torpid form for months, hoping that some miracle might bring the wretched vampire back into the fold of humanity. In time, Ferdinand saw all of his friends fall to the Camarilla, and realizing himself fated to die either at the hands of those he hunted or at the behest of the Inquisition, the despairing abbé released Petrov when Sheriff McCoy came seeking him - the cunning Tremere having been guided to his location by the astral remnant of what had once been Lillian Greer.

Petrov's return to the city was a quiet and understated event, overshadowed by the forcible removal of Prince West due to unseen politicking in Chicago. Lillian, or what remained of her, briefly attempted at McCoy's behest to communicate him - although the fragmentation she had undergone in her wanderings upon the astral plane made her near incomprehensible. In the days that followed, West was abruptly slain, and less than a month later, during the Conclave which had been called to ascertain the manner of his death, Petrov sent ripples throughout the North American Camarilla when he attacked Hadrian Evans on the floor of a Conclave in front of fully half of the Justicariate. This event propelled the frustrated young Brujah into unwilling celebrity, as he managed in the heat of his fury to stare down Justicar Paschek amidst the official's attempts to Dread Gaze him. Stories of this would frame him as something of a folk-hero amongst the more anti-establishment circles within Clan Brujah, although Petrov was less than enthused by such admiration.

Despite his extraoridinary life, Petrov spoke little of what had befallen him, and spent much of the next year quietly serving as Sheriff under Princes Rogerson and Wright. Unexpectedly, the Nosferatu Primogen, Ash Gently took a shining to the stoic Brujah, and on Christmas of 2007, delivered him a memo with the location of Hadrian Evans and his paramour Amelia Piccoli Rossi. A few months later, shaken by the brutal interrogation of Sabbat operative Lúsha Gjikokaj, Petrov left the city, seeking to strike an ending to his conflict with Evans.

In April of 2008, Bojan Petrov stood before the Justicariate again. This time, the setting was Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he stood in judgment for the death of Evans, as well as Amelia - both of whom had apparently met their final ends in the city at his hands. Prince Lafayette, the ruler of Halifax at the time, spent numerous boons to wrangle the attention of Justicars rather than having the neonate executed under his own power - fearing that Petrov's popularity might lead to a revolt amongst the city's Brujah.

The eventual result of the Halifax Conclave was frustration for all parties involved - as the affair ended with both Petrov's death and his exoneration. The trial, obviously organized to maximize expediency, took an unexpected turn when the accused called upon the Justicariate to allow him to undertake Trial by Ordeal. Pasheck, frustrated with the upstart neonate who had already once caused him public humiliation, demanded that Petrov be placed in a thirty foot ring, whereupon he would be doused in gasoline and set alight. If Petrov could hold his composure such as that he never ran from the encircled area, he would be deemed innocent.

The assembled Kindred were astonished when Petrov, without any show of emotion, knelt down and calmly endured the flame until he was reduced to an ash.

To this day, the Camarilla must hold fast to the judgment that Petrov was not guilty of Evans' or Rossi's deaths. Naturally, the story of Petrov's ordeal solidified his reputation of heroism amongst his Clan, and the date of his trial has come to be a night raucously celebrated by Anarchs and would-be revolutionaries.


  • Bojan was, in fact, innocent of the charges levied at him during the Conclave as Amelia had altered his memory of events such as that he believed himself guilty. Whilst Justicar Streck stood aware that Petrov was, in all likelihood, free from guilt, she witheld this knowledge for political expediency, rationalizing that Petrov's past sins under Greer more than justified his death. Justicar Paschek, while often painted as the villain of this narrative, believed truly that Petrov was guilty of his crime.

  • Bojan was able to withstand the ordeal due to his months of imprisonment under Ferdinand - the old man's continually prayers said over him as he starved slowly into torpor had left him unstable, and he was wont to enter a fugue-like state whenever he heard the sound of another person praying. When Streck read the executioner's psalm during his trial, his mind lapsed into a half-aware slumber, and he ended the trial calm and unfazed.

  • Vojislav, wary of Petrov's vengeance, cursed him to be followed by a childlike ghost known as Elle Herriot, who prevented Petrov from ambushing his opponents by giving warning. After Vojislav's eventual death at West's hands, however, Elle continued to stalk Petrov, not understanding that she was free of her geas. She frequently drew pathos from Petrov's drive toward revenge and filial devotion, and had an unnerving obsession with "fighting fair" - herself having perished after being tricked along with her two brothers by a child abductor.

  • Caitiff Keeper of Elysium, William Lansing gifted Petrov and Greer with a set of matched weapons: the Abgrund and the Ungeheuer. The Ungeheuer was a titanium reenforced rod designed to withstand the ravages of Potent combat, and was engraved with the image of a lion and the words "Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird." (Those who fight monsters must be careful lest monsters they become.) In the later years of UnMasqued these items resurfaced as artifacts in the Scrounge deck. As an artifact, this weapon granted an additional retest in situations where the attacker felt their actions furthered the course of justice, but would allow the STs to force the player holding it to make one additional test on any challenge once per game. Should a player possess both the Ungeheuer and the Abgrund at once, their character would temporarily possess the Iron Will Merit, but would be subject to the Nightmares Flaw and a two trait Curse of the STs choosing.

  • Ash Gently and Bojan Petrov became something of friends when the two discovered that both of their Street influences contained the same hobo - one Slimey Pete. They eventually had to meet to discuss the problems engendered by both parties trying to furnish the man with alcohol simultaneously.

Documents of Import:


Player: Swords

Appearance: About 5'11", blonde hair, blue eyes. Built like a mac truck.

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Rebel

Sire: Annabelle

Birthdate: 1923

In Play: 2009 - 2010

Background: Valentine started his life in New York as Conner McCull, born to Irish immigrants Thomas and Nancy McCull in 1923. Just legally coming of age for the draft by the time of Pearl Harbor, Conner moved to Chicago to evade recruitment for the second World War, where his passion as a local activist eventually caught the eye of the Camarilla Brujah, Annabelle. His Sire would disown him decades later in the seventies, following spurious accusations that her childe was involved with a violent Anarch gang.

While no penalties appear to have been issued against Conner, his disillusionment with the Ivory Tower spurred him to actually abandon the Camarilla in the 1980s, at which time he met his friend and coteriemate, Leo Ripley

As a PC: Conner, now going by the name "Valentine," came to New York with Leo in 2009, hearing of the civil unrest there and wishing for a change in scenery. Once in the city, he and his companion quickly found a niche for themselves offering there services as arms dealers and information brokers, with the pair accidentally attracting the buisiness of an incognito Archon shortly after arriving. Charismatic but short-tempered, Valentine found no shortage of trouble in New York, getting into numerous brawls and eventually attracting the attention of the Italian mafia after hospitalizing a local don's relative.


Player: Ryan

Appearance: Seemingly Embraced in his late twenties or early thirties, West was not an unattractive man. He maintained a strong social presence as a leader that was sometimes intimidating. He never beat around the bush with a man, and rarely engaged fellow Kindred in colloquial small chat. He favored black expensive suits.

Nature: Competiter

Demeanor: Director

Sire: Lenny

Birthdate: January 18th, 1953 (Capricorn)

In Play: 2004 - 2006

Theme Song(s): The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright; t.a.T.u - 30 Minutes; Matisyahu - Youth

Background: Born in Los Angeles in the 1950s, West grew up the child of fairly typical middle-class parents, who urged their son toward a college education and a career. As a youth, he found that the gruesome details of the Manson family killings left a distinct impression on his psyche, and he became morbidly fascinated with both the police investigation and the subsequent trial. This obsession eventually fed into an internship at the LA Times he obtained as a teenager, where he began to formulate his own theories as to how the media, law enforcement, and society ought interact.

After being accepted to the Northwestern School of Journalism, he flourished in his studies, developing a knack for all things news media and becoming something of a prodigy in his field. After matriculating, he obtained a prestigious position with Turner Broadcasting in Washington D.C. - and by the late seventies, he was poised to be one of the executive officers of the soon to be launched Cable News Network (CNN). Unbeknownst to the twenty-seven year old, he was being looked into by a notable Ventrue with aims for his Emrbace.

In an absurd twist of fate, however, Darren would find himself introduced into the Kindred world by far different circumstances. After intervening to stop what he thought to be a mugging, the young man was killed by a rowdy gang of Brujah out feeding. Upon stealing West's wallet, the Cainites read his ID an mistook him for a popular professional boxer, Derrick Weston, who had been approved to receive the Embrace at the hands of their Primogen. Desperate to repair the situation, the assailant who had struck the final blow proceeded to revive West the only way he could.

After clumsily returning the freshly Embraced Kindred to his address, the group departed, leaving West to succumb to a frenzy in which he murdered and devoured his wife. When the newly made vampire realized what he had done, he was wracked with guilt and conflict - although he nevertheless managed to coolly make the arrangements for the incident to never see the light of day.

By miraculous happenstance, West was spared not only by the mortal authorities, but by the Brujah Primogen, who forwent his ample opportunity to kill the accidental Kindred in the hopes of extracting favors from his Sire, "Lenny." In the years which followed, West was largely rejected by Kindred society, and soon found himself running with Lenny and his gang - too frightened to do much else, even as disgusted as he was by his clanmates. Over the years, he managed to maintain many of his key mortal contacts, growing slowly to hate the Clan which Embraced him just as he grew to ardently respect the structure of the Camarilla which had allowed him to live.

As a PC: West made an honorable name for himself in the Camarilla after he arrived in New York City during the late summer of 2004 and was rapidly promoted in rank and status within the Camarilla under Prince Evans. On the first night after his ascension to his Clan's Primogenship, he was met with a confused petition from one of his clanmates, a neonate named Bojan Petrov who believed that he had been coerced to drink the blood of another Cainite. In the ensuing political battle to have his victimizer, Sarah Capone, despite his own deep-seated prejudices.

In 2005, during a catastrophic assault by the Sabbat against the AOL/Time Warner building in which Evans' Elysium was housed, Capone was one of numerous victims slain by the invading Sword of Caine, causing West and Petrov no shortage of sorrow. Also among the fallen was acting Seneschal Sofia Castañuelas de la Plata. Evans, who admired West greatly, offered the young Brujah the office in her place, and the ambitious man readily accepted his officer. Now acting as Evans' right hand, West was finally privy to the reality that the Prince had covered for Greer's assault on Petrov, and was required to keep this fact a secret even as his clanmate suffered. Greer, however, who now served as Sheriff, attempted to rencocile the matter by willingly partaking of her thrall's blood - although West remained wary of her motivations.

In the months that followed his appointment, West grew close to the Caitiff Keeper of Elysium, William Lansing - a man who -like West- desperately tried to surpass the reputation his "Clan" saddled him with. Lansing, in turn, had grown dangerously infatuated with Greer, and in the early months of 2006, he would make the mistake of confessing his love and proposing a coup to the conniving Malkavian, suggesting that the two of them seek to install West in Evans' place. Lillian, although conflicted, ultimately betrayed Lansing to Evans, and in an attempt to save himself from the bloodhunt, the jilted man declared praxis in absentia on West's behalf, forcing the city into a chaotic standstill as its Kindred awaited the Brujah's return from a business trip to DC - not knowing if the young man would reaffirm this claim at Princeship.

Infuriated by Lillian's treachery and incensed at Evans' increasing faith in his Sheriff, West would arrive in New York wracked with rage, and -standing alone before an assembled Primogen council- would declare his praxis publicly. The assembly, however, had already been sworn into loyalty by the two Malkavians, and the lone Brujah was unable to withstand subsequent assault upon him. Falling into torpor as his death sentence was read over him, West's life was miraculously spared by the intervention of the visiting Niccolai Antonescu, who spirited him off to Chicago in exchange for the cancellation of various boons which Evans had incurred. The mysterious elder promised never to allow his new thrall to set foot in New York again, and West was publicly announced as destroyed at the next court, with the victorious Greer attaining much standing in the wake of his death.

During his exile in Chicago, however, West made slow but definitive plans for his return with Niccolai's tacit approval, intent on eventually taking the throne from Evans. Using his clanmate, Roske, as his primary agent, the calculating man did his best to open lines of communication with Petrov while keeping his friend in the dark as to his plans to ultimately assassinate his bondmate. Back in New York, as Greer coldly stripped Evans of all remaining supporters outside of herself, the sentiment regarding the Prince turned sour, and Roske and West eventually made themselves an ally of Toreador Primogen, Emmanuel James Richardson. After Evans' unexpected and sudden execution of Greer and his subsequent announcement that he was to leave the city on official business regarding Justicar Paschek, West and his supporters swept into the Domain, unseating interim Prince Assara in a matter of hours, as West ascended the throne to the applause of an exuberant court.

This joyous first night of West's Princeship, however, was soon overshadowed by the creeping strife which overtook the realm in the nights of his short reign. Radical breaches of the Masquerade enacted by the Sabbat had led to a group of Catholic hunters turning their attentions to New York, and Bojan Petrov seemingly numbered amongst the early casualties of their campaign. In addition to this, Richardson's domineering personality soon earned him the enmity of Clan Tremere, whom West emphatically distrusted given their past support of Evans. Eventually, the distaste for West's Seneshal spread to high ranking members of other Clans, and in January of 2007, Tremere regent Adam Jones had assembled the majority of the Primogen against Richardson, forcing West to dismiss him from the city.

Meanwhile, outside of New York, Evans had figured among the warleaders who helped to win Montreal from the Sabbat, propelling him into the spotlight of Kindred society. Despite expectations that he was to take Montreal's throne in the days following its capture, however, he found himself barred from such prizes of war, when the embittered Justicar di Zagreb made public his blood bond to prominent Lasombra antitribu Amelia Picolli Rossi. In a pique of uncharacteristic pettiness, the slighted Malkavian took out his frustrations on Lord Antonescu, making it known that he had reneged on his promise to keep West from returning to New York. Already beset with scandal regarding his support of the unstable Michael Montgomery, Antonescu recalled West to Chicago, informing the despondent Brujah that the terms of his Life Boon made it such that he could never again return to the city he once ruled.

Days later, West was found destroyed in his hotel room. The New York Camarilla seemed at the time to make little in the way of mourning for him, and quickly appointed Ventrue Helen Rogerson to his post without incident. The reasons for his death remain unknown, although an official Conclave deemed him to be another victim of the Sabbat.


  • West was, in fact, murdered by a Black Hand Sabbat operative known as "Francis," who had been instructed to kill West in the months before his removal - collaborating with the New York Sabbat as to how best to accomplish this. His prominent use of Obtenebration in the assassination led many to believe that Amelia and Evans were involved.

Documents of Import:

Elisa Catherine Grey ELISSA

A.K.A.: Batnoam, The Punica Lupa, Isabel of Cleves, Lucienne Le Forte, Margaret Fairfax

Player: LG

Appearance: Elissa was deathly pale, a quality which helped to cloak her North African features. She had been Embraced at the age of nineteen, but had an air of weariness that betrayed her as being much older.

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Curmudgeon

Sire: Unknown

Birthdate: 165 BC (Fourth month of the year in which Danel was shofet)

In Play: 2008

Theme Song(s): Little Annie - Strange Love; Barenaked Ladies - It's All Been Done

Background: The Cainite who would become Elissa Grey was born in Carthage during the ascent of the Roman Republic, where she would be born Batnoam, daughter of Itthobaal. A simple merchant's daughter, Batnoam would be married to a textile trader at the age of thirteen, and would bear him a son named Arabo - whom she doted on dearly. As the Punic kingdom once more came under threat by renewed Roman hostility and the encroaching Numidian empire, however, the young woman would find herself caught in the midst of the eventual siege and destruction of her city, and would be raped, stabbed and left for dead by invading soldiers at the age of nineteen.

During the confusion of the assault, however, one of the numerous Carthaginian Brujah would approach the dying woman -desperate to feed- and Batnoam would manage to bite her assailant in protest as she was violently exsanguinated. This small resistance on her part would be enough to enact the Embrace, and the bloodied teenager would run, frenzied, into the burning streets of the city before being buried in the collapsing rubble of a monument near the the town's port - dashing her into torpor and burying her far from the light of the sun.

Years later, Persian Cainites would uncover the accidental vampire as they explored Carthage's ruins - and the young Brujah would at long last learn the reality of her new condition. Overwhelmed with grief at the loss of her family, Batnoam would go on to take out her sorrow and rage against the Ventrue of Rome who had supported the third Punic War - spending the next several centuries assassinating and torturing key figures who had influenced the senate in their zeal to destroy her countrymen. In time, she would earn the name "Punica Lupa" among the Clan of Kings - Latin for the "She-wolf of Carthage."

Such violence, however, would eventually take its toll on the young Brujah's humanity, and she would soon find herself the target of several Ventrue of note. Realizing that her vengeance would soon be requited, Batnoam would come to change her identity frequently, as she became increasingly paranoid. Over the centuries, the fearful Cainite would become a German abbess, a French courtier, a British dilettante, and several other personae as she sought refuge from one Lucius Sextus Agrippa - a Ventrue of great power whose childe she had grotesquely tortured to death over a series of evenings.

In early 2008, the fleeing elder would arrive in New York, using the identity Elissa Catherine Grey - which she had adopted in the early twentieth century around the time of her only childe's Embrace.

As a PC: Elissa odd balance between traditionalist decorum and crass hedonism would soon earn her the friendship of the newly crowned Prince Wright, whom she would often caution against the temptation of vengeance, given the man's own past with the Tzimisce, Diego. A rather frequent drinking companion of the neonate prince, Elissa would soon ascend to their Clan's Primogenship after the departure of Bojan Petrov, and would eventually be named Wright's Senschal.

Outside of the Learned Clan, the aged Cainite would also form an unusual friendship with the thin-blooded Souris de Sang, whose stange premonitions would greatly intrigue the ancient as she grew fearful of Lucius' influence. As the neonate Tremere grew more and more unstable in the midst of her visions, Elissa would become more and more wary. Eventually, a brief encounter with her former paramour, a Toreador known as Phillipe, would rattle Elissa sufficiently that she would flee the city - giving no word to anyone she had met there as she once more disappeared into the night.


  • Elissa would often hold "council" with Wright with the assistance of "Whip Daniels", that there might be a modicum of social lubrication between the two Brujah. The Setite, Theris would over hear of such meetings and would spend some time attempting to discern precisely who this Mr. Daniels was - as he was rather notoriously bad at getting jokes.


A.K.A.: "Punch"

Player: Jonathan

Appearance: Mid to Late 20s, about 6'4" or so, and fairly solid build. Brownish hair that seems to be in a constant life/death struggle to defy order (the hair appears to be winning) Usually wears glasses, favors sport coats that seem to lean more towards Goodwill than Versace, and despite being a fairly charismatic sort, his demeanor is gruff at best. Prone to giving high-fives, and requesting that Camarilla officers "Hit The Rock" at inopportune moments.

Nature: Fanatic

Demeanor: Rebel

Sire: Smiling Jack

Birthdate: April 1, 1970 (Aries)

In Play: 2007 - 2009

Theme Song(s): Coldplay - Viva la Vida

Background: Eugene Wright was born in Cleveland, an only child to fairly typical middle-class parents - a district attorney and a real estate broker. While the idealistic young man would later lose his mother and father in a car accident during his years as a student at Cornell, he would eventually find himself following in his father's footsteps, and would go on to attend law school and emerge as a lawyer vocally opposed to the rampant corruption among Cleveland's political elite. Angered by the flagrant abuse of power he observed under Mayor Michael White, Gene would be the prosecuting attorney in the case against the politician's catspaw, Nate Gray - although he would be regrettably unable to link Gray back to White, owing to witnesses mysteriously forgetting all information pertinent to his case. After an expletive-filled outburst at a presiding judge in the midst of this scandal, Wright would find himself abruptly disbarred, and would go on to purse a career in investigative journalism.

His actions as a lawyer, however, had already earned him the attention of one of the Kindred of the small Domain - the Nosferatu Sheriff, Benny. Unfortunately, despite gaining permission to Embrace the man, the Cainite would find his claim to Wright usurped by the wandering Anarch "Smiling Jack," who would bring the newsman into the fold of the undead in the midst of one of his political mass Embraces. Despite this setback, the Nosferatu would manage to finagle his way into a position as Wright's guardian, and would be responsible for the neonate's Accounting.

In time, Wright would be given the position of Scourge by the disdainful Prince Taylor, although he would long show mercy secretly to the Caitiff he was meant to slay, giving them instructions as to how to reach the Free States such as that they might survive. After garnering a Major Boon from Taylor during a Sabbat raid, Wright would go on to Embrace a young cancer patient named Fiona Armstrong, who would later tragically be captured and tortured near to death by the Tzimisce, Diego. Overwhelmed by grief and rage, the young Brujah would eventually slay his progeny out of mercy, and would go on to New York seeking vengeance against the Sabbat member who had robbed him of his childe.

As a PC: Arriving in New York in early 2007, Brody would carve a niche for himself as the chief editor of the city's Daily Dirge, and would work to cover for the gross Masquerade breaches of the Sabbat several times under the reign of Prince Rogerson. Never meeting Diego such as that they two might settle their score, the driven Brujah would nevertheless make clear his grievances against the Sword of Caine, yet would oddly find himself responsible for the education of a number of fledgling neonates whose Embraces had left them to the mercy of the Camarilla. After successfully rearing Zack Arkell, Andrea Kelmore and Whit Brokehouse, Wright would find himself ascending to the position of Seneschal in the months preceding Rogerson's abdication, and would unexpectedly take on the role of Prince in early 2008.

As ruler of the Domain, Wright would be forced to execute one of his wards on the first night of his reign, and would soon after find himself tested when Primogen Anastasia Rothe was revealed to have been replaced by a Tzimisce double. Weathering such early trials as best he could, the Brujah would go on to rule for a little over a year, doing his best to defend the city as he secretly romanced an ancillae Ravnos known as Pisces. Driven by his love of the enigmatic woman to zealously defend the city, Wright would make a bold stand against the Sabbat pack Polyclef, and would help to lead the Ivory Tower in countering numerous attacks enacted by the Sword of Caine - personally going so far as to capture their ghouled operative Jonathan Roman and to disarm a live bomb attached to a kidnapped Archon.

Eventually, however, the Prince would grow weary with the demands placed upon him, watching as Pisces fled the city, fearful of revealing her inner demons to her paramour. Following the abrupt praxis claim of the elder Rasa, the conflicted Brujah would follow his lover in leaving the Domain, determined to seek her out and reunite with her.


  • Many of the NPCs in Wright's influence and backstory were named for characters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, such as his legal contact Maureen Fey (Maya Fey) and his childhood friend Edward Butzenheim (Larry Butz). His child, Fiona Armstrong, was based loosely on Brody Dalle.

  • Wright's Mentor, Benny, was in actuality a deeply implanted Anarch Bond, who had been in communication with Smiling Jack before Wright's Embrace but had misconstrued precisely who was to Embrace the man. Many of Wright's actions, such as allowing Caitiff to escape during his time as Scourge, were secretly facilitated by Benny to further his secret political agenda, although Wright, himself, would never learn this.

  • Wright received the nickname "Brody Day Jackson" at the hands of the catty transvestite Harpy of Cleveland, Alicia Tried.

  • Wright could consume mortal food and drink, and had a penchant for imbibing King Cobra malt liquor, despite its inability to affect his state of mind.

  • Wright would eventually abandon his thirst for revenge against Diego, having been warned against such pursuits by his former Seneschal Elissa Grey and having watched firshand how well vengeance served his clanmate Bojan Petrov.

  • Wright would secretly learn Animalism from Zack Arkell, and would use this power to communicate with his ghouled pet chinchilla, Gutenburg. Later, this discipline would lead him to find himself awkwardly responsible for Ash Gently's former companion - a giant albino alligator known as Isabella.

Documents of Import:


Player: Perry


Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Rebel

Sire: Mary Worthington

In Play: 2008


Nicklaus von Metternich NICKLAUS

A.K.A.: Niklaus Von Laufenburg Hapsberg

Player: Joe


Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Stoic

In Play: 2009 - 2010



Player: Chloe

Appearance: Sarah Capone was an attractive young woman somewhere in her twenties. She constantly wore a torn "Green Eggs and Ham Shirt" and jeans.

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Gallant

In Play: 2004 - 2005

Theme Song(s): The Ark - One of Us is Gonna Die Young (with John Tisch)

Description: Sarah Capone was an animated fixture in the court of Hadrian Evans, often found at Elysium playing card games, making jokes, yelling at Seneschal Assara and generally finding other ways to interrupt the "gravitas" of the whole affair. While not a the greatest of hits with the tie-wearing higher ups, Capone was known to be quite loyal to those she considered friends, and had a definite zeal for living unlife.

While she was particularly attached to both of her clanmates at the time (resulting in more than one unkind word directed at Sheriff Greer), she was known mostly in conjunction with Caitiff John Tisch whom she was very evidently smitten with, and whom was evidently very smitten with her. It was through her connections to Tisch, that she eventually met up with the city Anarchs, to whom she and her lover would both eventually attempt to defect.

Tragically, before they could completely sever their ties with the Ivory Tower, Tisch and Capone were caught in the crossfire of a massive Sabbat attack upon Elysium, on the night of May 13th. The two of them were eventually captured and presumably killed by the hands of the Sword of Caine.


A.K.A.: "Glare"

Player: Jim

Appearance: Roughly six foot two, 150 pounds, always wearing that coat and that necklace. Long brown hair, stoic brown eyes, unkempt beard, hair always pulled back. Unremarkable.

Nature: Competitor

Demeanor: Perfectionist

Sire: Alexander Lebedev

In Play: 2004 - 2007

Theme Song(s): Ra - Do You Call My Name)

Description: When Roske arrived in New York he had a story, an accent, and a gun. Over the years, not much changed. He seemed fiercely loyal to the Camarilla, and eager to use his expertise as a fighter for the good of the organization.

Not being much of a talker, his past in his native Romania was largely unclear, although he openly discussed how he worked as a professional assassin before his Embrace. Apparently some unfortunate situation arose in Romania that led to Roske's departure for New York. The exact events in question are known to very few. Whatever they were, however, they eventually seemed to come to a head in the Winter of 2007, when Roske, after having mysteriously lost both his left arm and right eye on a seemingly permanent basis, made a hasty decision to leave the city. Rumor have been thrown about since regarding a fire fight somewhere out in the Bronx, and a hasty request being made regarding the rite of Destruction...

Brujah NPCs


Player: Charlie


Description: "C-Dog", along with his pal "B-Money" were the face of the New York Anarchs for a long time. Playful, good-natured and dumb as a post, C-Dog was almost always seen holding a basketball and asking the occasional question when somebody said a big word he didn't understand.

Things got notably darker for "C-Dog" as the Anarch faction began to break apart, and as "B-Money" was implicated in a string of serial killings and forced to retreat into seclusion. Eventually, following the loss of his friends and John Tisch and Sarah Capone at the hands of the Sabbat, "C-Dog" made motions to join the New York Camarilla, as his experiences with the newest wave of Anarchs had left him disillusioned. He was formally acknowledged by Prince Evans, but shortly afterwards found himself caught up in Lansing's attempted coup, and in the fallout returned to Staten Island, where he still is rumored to remain in isolation.

He hasn't been seen in Elysium, at least, for some time.

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