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Since the Sabbat's formation, the Assamite antitribu have played an important role in the sect and have become some of the most feared warriors of the Sword of Caine. Assamite antitribu typically place more emphasis on following the ideals of their Clan than on upholding the Sect's purposes, though many of their beliefs coincide. The Angels of Caine seek to bring themselves closer to Caine, whom mainstream Assamites regard as a cursed and corrupt infidel. For some reason, the two Bloodlines seem to have guarded respect for each other, for which no one outside can give a plausible reason. Assamite antitribu claim superiority over their independent brethren, whom they despise for accepting the Camarilla's punishment during the Treaty of Thorns. Even though the curse has since been broken, feelings on the matter have not changed.


Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus

Clan Advantage: One free dot of either the Melee or Brawl ability. Free Sabbat Status Trait: Feared.

Clan Disadvantage: Vitae addiction. If an Assamite antitribu imbibes the blood of another Kindred, they must make a four Trait difficulty Self-Control/Instinct test to avoid becoming addicted. If they become addicted they must make another Self-Control/Instinct test every time they encounter that individual to resist frenzying and attempting to devour them.

Inactive Assamite Antitribu PCs


Player: UnMasqued NPC (formerly played by Joe)

Appearance: 5'11", 195lbs, dark brown hair and eyes, very tan skin, late twenties, very pointed and thin eyebrows that add to an overall imposing figure, often appears to be looking down at people, even if they are taller than him. He has a thin scar/crack in my skull along the left center of his forehead, almost unnoticeable.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Gallant

Sire: Mohammad Al Sadir

Birthdate: March 17, 1937

Birthdate: 2006

Background: Stefan lived a fairly mundane life as a mortal - growing up in Montreal in the years after the second world war. Selected by his Sire for thralldom at the age of twenty, Stefan went through a fairly traditional Assamite tutledge, only later rebelling against his progenitor's sectarian affiliation.

As a PC: Fleeing the ruin of Camarilla-conquered Montreal, Stefan Jean Vassier joined the New York Sword of Caine in early 2006. He integrated well into the one remaining pack in the city, becoming rapidly known for his self sure personality and affection for bad jokes, and often proving a useful counterbalance to the extremes of his decidedly less cool-headed compatriot Diego.

Unfortunately for Stefan, the New York Sabbat was extinguishing itself rapidly. After but a few months in the city, Ductus Reese had committed herself to a showdown with Cardinal de Polonia and other members of the pack briefly termed "NYPD+" either fell to Monomacy or disappeared altogether.

By May of the same year, Stefan was technically considered Ductus of the pack with Reese's departure. However, this distinction would soon prove moot, when his only remaining packmate appeared to leave the city on "family business". Left with a city void of Sabbat pressence, Stefan himself would leave for greener pastures, himself, knowing that he faced a fight he could not win alone.

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Clan description from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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